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The corona virus has bubbled up creative ideas and so on Bruno Edsme and I created an online cooking class for kids
We decided to link our qualities and together we created an online cooking course for children of primary school age.

Bruno is my guest teacher vegetarian cooking in Italy and during the summer months he organizeschildren activities for Follow the Rode Schoentjes. ???

kookvakantie italie
Cooking workshop vegetarian cooking Bolsena Italy.

Four super fun cooking classes

???? Drumroll we have made 4 super fun cooking lessons.
Italian pound
? an ounce of Dutch
?teaspoon French.

Cooking online children
Cooking workshop in the Banne Amsterdam-Noord

Who is Bruno?

Bruno Edsme has worked with the SPOREN pedagogy (100 languages of children) in childcare (Amsterdam / Jordaan de Platanen) for several years.
Since January 2018 he has been working as an independent atelierista (artistic supervisor) and he is on the road with my own mobile studio, an old fire engine.
He is inspired by the pedagogy of Reggio Emilia, (the 100 languages of children) with the Italian pedagogue and philosopher Loris Malaguzzi as founder.
This pedagogy does not have a clear-cut image of the child, which prescribes normatively how a child’s development should proceed.

When you open up to what the child has to tell you in your work with children and you are curious about his development, you are constantly on the move to see what moves the child. This constantly creates new practical insights and theories.

The child’s own voyage of discovery is central to his approach. Children are born with an enormous palette of talents and possibilities.
Every child is competent, powerful and intelligent and has up to a hundred languages to communicate with their environment, they develop fantasies, thoughts and ideas.

Bruno watches and listens to what the children can do and what they do and nothing else.
In addition, it offers enough possibilities to allow the child to discover all the possibilities within a certain structure and framework.

He listens to the child and supports the process with his knowledge and expertise, because the emphasis is not necessarily on the result. Activities are a means. A language to give children the feeling that they are unique with their talent and creativity. It’s about experimenting, trying, sharing and especially learning from each other! Children really are magicians.

For him, the trick is to stimulate their magic. As adults we are participants.
By means of art, drama, music, technology and cooking, children can make their own world of experience more beautiful and true. How great is that?

Every child is unique. Every child is powerful. Every child is creative and focused on communication.

cooking online children
Bruno Edsme an old fire engine in his mobile workshop

Cooking movies

We made the movies together ?? with great pleasure. Written the script. Came up with the recipes. Education and creativity applied.

We are therefore proud of our collaboration and we are happy to present the cooking videos Kids & Cooking with Ciao Bruno Foodtruck & Mobile Atelier

Cooking online children
Cooking workshop Refueling at HotMamaHot Amsterdam-Noord

We would like to introduce your child or grandchild to the best recipes.
When you purchase our videos, you support both of us through the corona crisis and we will soon be able to live again in Italy and Amsterdam.

The first cooking video is free.
Go to the website of Bruno and order your special cooking workshop and let the children cook and enjoy delicious.

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