Masterclass Urban Sketching Rome online April 19-23

Masterclass online

Masterclass Urban Sketching Rome online April 19-23

Long live Rome online.
Discover and experience Rome online during our dynamic Urban Sketching. From your own home or studio together with others in a relaxed atmosphere.
We, Mariët Bloemendal from “volg de rode schoentjes” and visual artist / Urban Sketcher Kelly Medford would like to invite you to go online on an Urban Sketching safari through this great metropolis.

Do you also have the travel jitters but you don’t dare to travel yet? Would you like to experience Rome with others? Then join our online safari.

Do you enjoy Italian art, drawing and history? Do you dream of experiencing Rome differently?
If you are looking for an inspiring Urban Sketching safari in Italy, this week is for you.

You will learn new skills as a starting or as an advanced draftsman.
With the sketchbook in your lap, you will see Rome with different eyes and transfer these unique discoveries on paper. Antique buildings, works of art, churches, the people around you, the daily espresso or that one pigeon on the fountain.

Why online?

Normally you would come to Rome for this special week. Pack your suitcase and go on a trip. Together with Kelly and me you would visit the most beautiful places to draw under the Italian sun. Experience the atmosphere and hear the most beautiful language in the world. Smell the scent of fresh coffee and see the colorful streets and squares with people Hear the most beautiful stories about the history of Rome. The stories about the places that invite you to work.

But right now, that may not feel right for you. You are really looking forward to a break. Time for yourself. Time for your hobby drawing and painting. Time to discover a new hobby from your familiar environment, without travel or corona stress. You will receive our expertise, knowledge and guidance from your own home. We take you online in the most beautiful city in the world, Rome.

What is Urban Sketching?

Urban Sketching is relatively new and lives all over the world in cities, towns or while traveling. The sketches are meant to be a “literal” reflection of reality. All sketches tell your story about the environment. You create your own impression of a building, landscape or object in Rome.
Everyone looks at the world in a unique way and that is reflected in the sketches. Grab your pencil, brush and your diary, join our online safari and enjoy!

Who are you going on safari with?

Mariët Bloemendal
Ciao, my name is Mariët Bloemendal; the creative centipede and passionate Italy expert of “Follow the Red Shoes”.
Volg de Rode Schoentjes specializes in extraordinary experience and discover holidays in Italy.
My mission is to let you enjoy authentic central Italy in a special way. Far away from mass tourism, I organize and create a base in which you will discover and experience a real Italian holiday.
Curious who I am? I cordially invite you to read more about me via my blog.
Last year I won the Benelux Award for Best Specialist Italian Holiday Agent 2020.
On Saturday nights you can hear me as an Italy correspondent at the World of BNNVARA Radio1.

Kelly Medford
American artist Kelly Medford was born in 1977 in Washington DC.
In 2004 she won a scholarship to study classical drawing at the Florence Academy of Art. Kelly packed her things and moved to Italy never to leave. With her easel, paint and brushes under her arm or on the back of her bicycle, she went to explore and discover Italy after her studies. She made her most beautiful works with oil and watercolors outside on the street in various cities. As the current organizer of the Rome Urban Sketchers and founder of Sketching Rome Tours, she focuses on working and teaching Urban Sketching in Rome. In addition, she has been teaching at the School of Visual Arts in Rome since 2016 and her own work is in private collections in the United States and Europe.

Master class program

In the morning you will join me online in Rome. Every place has a story, a story, a legend and I’m going to share this with you. After lunch you will sketch / draw the place with Kelly.

Sunday Welcome and introduce online. By taking the program and appointments.

Day 1: Monday: Ancient Rome.
We are going to start with our online Urban Sketching safari in ancient Rome. Then I’ll take you online to the Colosseum. The largest amphitheater from Roman times. Close to the Colosseum is the Roman Forum. In the glory days of the Roman Empire, the Forum was the political, legal, religious and commercial center of the city. In the morning I will tell you all the ins & outs about ancient Rome and after lunch we meet Kelly. You will work with her online to document ancient Rome from the imperial period.

Day 2: Tuesday: Jewish Ghetto & Piazza Navona.
In the morning we will visit the Jewish Ghetto and Piazza Navona.
After lunch together with Kelly Fontana delle Tartarughe , or to sketch the Turtle Fountain. This fountain is located in Piazza Mattei and is arguably the most beautiful fountain with the most beautiful story in all of Rome.
If we have time left, we will continue sketching on the Piazza Navona. In the middle of this Piazza, Bernini’s Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi, the Four Rivers Fountain, shines. There are also two smaller fountains at both ends of the square. Beautiful examples of sculpture by Jacopo della Porta, each with their own story.

Day 3: Wednesday: Online Q&A with Kelly and Mariet. You can also complete the work of the previous days.

Day 4: Thursday: Castel Sant’Angelo and St. Peter’s
In the morning I will take you online on safari again. This time to the beautiful St. Peter’s Square. The square in front of the Saint Peter church of the same name. To walk from there to the Castel Sant’Angelo and the Angel Bridge. Here I meet Kelly after lunch and she goes back to work with you online. In short, an inspiring Sketching Day.

Day 7: Friday: Trastevere.
It’s the last day I take you online into Rome. We’re going to the other side of the Tiber. Trastevere with its characteristic colorful Italian streets. With its terraces and activity, a lively backdrop for the last day of Urban Sketching. We meet Kelly in front of the fountain in the Piazza di Santa Maria in Trastevere. After lunch she will start teaching online again.

Prijs € 625, -


Including material (will be sent to you) Introduction to wine and antipasti (delivered at home) 4 half-days to discover Rome 4 masterclasses Urban Sketching Q and A with Kelly Closing

Goed om te weten:

Het bijwonen van de Urban Sketchingsafari kan met eigen computer, laptop of tablet.
Goede internetverbinding nodig. Je gaat Rome ervaren alsof je er bent.
De avond voor de masterclass ontvang je de link voor het programma van de ochtend en de Zoomlink voor het middagprogramma.
Superleuk wanneer je je sketches wilt laten zien die je gemaakt hebt de afgelopen week.
De Urban Sketchingdagen nemen 4 tot 5 uur per dag.
De masterclass in het Engels en Nederlands.

Ciao ik ben Mariët Bloemendal de creatieve duizendpoot en gepassioneerde Italië expert van “Volg de Rode Schoentjes”.

“Volg de Rode Schoentjes” heeft zich gespecialiseerd in bijzondere beleef en ontdek vakanties in midden Italië. Ver weg van massatoerisme ontzorg, organiseer en creëer ik een basis waarin jij een echte Italiaanse vakantie gaat ontdekken en beleven. Correspondent “de Wereld” BNNVARA op NPO1.
Winnaar van de Benelux Enterprise Award Best Specialist Italian Holiday agent 2020.

Best Specialist Italian Holiday Agent 2020 Benelux Enterprise Award Volg de Rode schoentjes.
Nieuwsgierig geworden met wie je op vakantie gaat? Ik stel me graag aan je voor.

Mariët Bloemendal

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