Active holidays in Italy at Lake Bolsena.

The active, creative, culinary, and cultural vacations organized by Follow the Red Shoes in Italy are a true journey of discovery for enthusiasts and bon vivants with a passion for Italy.
From creative masterclasses to hiking weeks. From culinary highlights to cultural arrangements.
The red shoes don’t run; they allow you to unwind, pause, out of love for a beautiful part of undiscovered Italy, about 115 km above Rome.
Lago di Bolsena (Lake Bolsena)
Authentic Italy off the beaten path and adventurous, where do you find that nowadays?
The red shoes know the most beautiful and enjoyable places. Places you wouldn’t easily discover on your own.
They know the local stories, history, and traditions.
They know the most delicious and charming restaurants and small artisanal shops, as well as the traditional festivals.
They invite you to be surprised and leave your to-do and must-see lists at home because it doesn’t get more Italian than this.

For everyone who wants to experience Italy. Just a beautiful mix of engaging people, young, old, family, friends, it doesn’t matter. The commonality is a fantastic week with everyone sharing the same interest and desire to experience a super holiday in Italy.


Ciao, I’m Mariët Bloemendal, the creative multitasker and passionate Italy expert of “Follow the Red Shoes.”
“It exceeded all my expectations, and I, I lost my heart to it. Every time, I happily wander around, discovering hidden treasures, and continue to be amazed.”
Over the years, I’ve come to know and understand Bolsena and its surroundings like no other. I gladly share my passion and experience with you, and over time, I’ve learned well what my guests want to experience. Curious about who you’ll be vacationing with? Read more.
In 2020, I won the Benelux Award for Best Specialist Italian Holiday Agent 2020 with Follow the Red Shoes. Since January 2021, I’ve been heard monthly as a Correspondent Italy on the program “de Wereld” BNNVARA NPO1.
Fantastic news in 2023 because that’s when I won the LUXlife Hospitality Award with “Follow the Red Shoes.”

For your unique holiday experience and unforgettable memories

Small group

Time for you!

Maximum time for yourself during the trip.

Original, attractive, and fully equipped

For your unique holiday experience and unforgettable memories

Enjoyment, laughter, beautiful weather, and delicious food.

"I am your personal travel guide. Nothing is too much for me.

"Super cool, I only collaborate with top instructors

Time for relaxation

Little or nothing to prepare.

And little to arrange!

You are going to travel comfortably with me

The best experience holidays

You’ll be on the road with me. I have over 15 years of experience in organizing the best experience holidays in Italy, around Lake Bolsena and Rome

Op pad met een local Bolsena


Experience Bolsena lake

Aqua trekking Bolsena
Wine walking from Sovana to Pitigliano
City walk in Bolsena and lunch in our olive grove Quattro Fratelli
Wednesday hike from Vitozza to Sorano
Children’s activities in Bolsena
Le Pyramida Etrusca Civita di Bagnoregio and Ecowine Experience at the Tre Botti winery
Hermitage and hermit’s cave

Frank Oldenboom:

“Volg de Rode Schoentjes” takes you to places you may know from brochures. Etruscans, wine, art, hiking.
But it is surprising because it is slightly different from what you expect. Different guide, different wine. Different nature, different meeting than you had expected. Surprisingly fun, cozy! To never forget. 

red shoes

Nicole Horak

I did a great wine walking holiday with Mariët. It was so nice. Visited special wineries, had special lunches (both at the wineries and the picnic on the way). For me it was a vacation for the books that I will not forget. And the new verb: to wine walk.

nicole wijnwandelen

Hilda Ruinemans.

I had a wonderful walking holiday. We walked a route from Orvieto to Rome along and through beautiful villages and towns. It was well worth it and would do it again.
Mariet, thank you for your great, funny, and good guidance. You showed me a beautiful part of Italy.



Walked with Mariet for five days through the area of the Etruscans. A long cherished wish. She knows the area like the back of her hand and knows all the special places. Walked through the sunken roads, saw caves with burial chambers still present, fields full of poppies and visited authentic villages. We have enjoyed this week. Exercise and relaxation side by side with our great guide Mariet. Great, thanks Mariet!

rosa 2

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