Etruscans cultural holiday in Italy.

Etruscans culture tour Italy.

Discover and experience the Etruscans during our dynamic Etruscans culture tour! 

Traveling solo on holiday, but rather not being alone during your trip? Together with a friend, sister or brother or else. Do you enjoy wonderful new encounters, impressions and insights that you will never forget? Would you like to go on holiday together with a group of friendly and like-minded people in a casual atmosphere?

We, Mariët  Bloemendal van Volg de Rode Schoentjes and private guide and expert of the Etruscans Anna Lisa Parridano will gladly take you on a journey in search of the (art) treasures of this mystical people . 

During the week we will guide you along sunken roads that have been carved into the tuff hills in a spectacular way. Along necropolis and mausoleums such as the “Tomba Ildebranda” near Sovana. The museum and the painted burial chambers in Tarquinia. Tuscania the hometown of the last king of Rome “Tarquinius Superbus”. 
The old city of Vitozza where you can see how the Etruscans lived. 

Unique to the Etruscans cultural holiday:

  • Culture and history go hand in hand.
  • Varied program.
  • Founders of Italian culture.
  • Small group with personalized attention.
  • All transport in Italy during the Etruscans journey.
  • Stay at an amazing location.
  • Museum and tombs Tarquinia.
  • Museum and tombs Tuscania.
  • Visit to the latest excavations of San Casciano dei Bagni (subject to confirmation) or Vulci with a guide
  • Famous and less known places.
  • Expert guidance from part-time local guide.

Dates: 2024
April 20th to 27th
June 15th to 22nd
October 5th to 12th

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Hello, I’m Mariët Bloemendal, the creative multitasker and passionate Italy expert at Follow the Red Shoes. Follow the Red Shoes specializes in unique experiential holidays in Italy. My mission is to let you specially enjoy authentic central Italy. Far away from mass tourism, I take care of, organize, and create a foundation for you to discover and experience a true Italian vacation. In 2020, Follow the Red Shoes won the Benelux Award for Best Specialist Italian Holiday Agent 2020 and in 2023 the LUXlifehospitality Award . Since January 2021, I’ve been a monthly correspondent for Italy on the program “de Wereld” BNNVARA NPO1.

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I accompany the Etruscans cultural holiday of “Follow the Red Shoes” together with Anna Lisa Parrano. Anna Lisa is a certified tour guide. In addition to Italian, she is fluent in English and German. It is a joy to work with her. Anna Lisa specializes in Italian art and archeology and knows a lot about the Etruscans.

I look forward to experiencing the Etruscan cultural journey with Anna Lisa and you. An extraordinary experience holiday in your life. The Etruscans continue to surprise and fascinate me time and again. We would like to share this special experience with you.


Experienced this wonderful week together with my husband. We found the personal atmosphere of this small organization very enjoyable. Attention to the guest is central, and we appreciated that a lot. We saw a lot and were active during the week. Beautiful culture in a particularly atmospheric Italian landscape. Short travel times after the excursions and delicious food. Mariet, thank you for your inspiring company. We will gladly recommend you to our acquaintances and friends. Aard and Nel.

Aard en Nel

Ciao Mariet,
What a delight to be in the company of friendly people for a whole week. At a leisurely pace, exploring the beautiful remains of the Etruscans. Fond memories of a special week. Love, the Dijkhofs.


Superweek gehad. Mooi programma met fijne en deskundige gidsen. Ik wist al veel over de Etrusken, maar wat heb ik ongelooflijk nieuwe informatie gekregen. De wandelingen en musea om nooit te vergeten. Mijn beste culturele vakantie ooit! Hier kan geen grote reisorganisatie aan tippen. Daarnaast nog het fantastisch goede Italiaanse eten, gezellige restaurants met zeer vriendelijke koks. Fijn gezelschap en ….. jullie zijn top. xxxx Beradien


There is a lot to discover around Lake Bolsena, halfway between Siena and Rome. Few places have so many vestiges of Etruscan culture as the tuff landscape of Latium and Tuscany. During our Etruscans culture trip we will roam this area. We are happy to take you on this trip Lake Bolsena is our base. During this trip you will search with us for the (art) treasures of this mystical people.

The Etruscans are among the most fascinating  cultures  from history. Etruscans in pre-Roman Italy had their own culture for a long time. They were a highly developed and very artistic people. The Etruscan influence on Rome was great. This is reflected in religion and architecture. Unfortunately, this culture was lost and the Romans took control of the Etruscan cities. The Etruscans believed in life after death. This can be found in the beautifully decorated burial chambers in Tarquinia and the museums. They lived in what is now Tuscany, Latium and Umbria. Between the rivers Tiber and Arno.

8 days: 7 nights
The excursion days have been put together in such a way that, in addition to all the sights, you also have time to enjoy free moments during your holiday.
A good condition is important to enjoy the week.
Typical Mediterranean climate with warm summers.
Group size:
We  go out  in small groups of 4 to 8 people. In this way it is easy to respond to personal wishes.

The passenger van transports us to the start and end point each day.
During the excursions there is time for rest breaks, taking photos and quietly viewing sights. 
Make sure you have sturdy shoes, which are preferably well broken in. Good protection against the sun is absolutely necessary and also consider light rainwear.
You always stay in a “not your average”, unique location, which is beautifully situated. With an eye for peace and a good atmosphere.

You stay overnight  in a beautifully situated agriturismo on Lake Bolsena with a large private garden. Within walking distance of Lake Bolsena and the village of Bolsena itself.

Day to day program.

Day 1. Welcome
Arrival in Bolsena from 4 pm. We receive you with a nice tasty regional wine.
In the evening there is a welcome dinner.
Day 2. Volsinii and Bolsena
Today we start our culture trip in Bolsena. We visit the museum of Bolsena (Etruscans) and we visit the old town of Volsinii, the former Bolsena. To then end in the town itself. In the afternoon you can visit the town of Bolsena on your own.
Day 3. Hiking day Vitozza – Sorano
Today we walk from the village of St. Quirico through a beautiful area, to the imposing village of Sorano, situated on a plateau. We follow the high and long reefs of the ancient Etruscan town of Vitozza, with its dwellings and caves along the plateau sides. On top of the plateau of old Vitozza are the remains of a 15th century church and two castles. A little further on we visit a columbarium from the Etruscan / Roman era. We descend via ancient stone hollow roads and visit the source and the waterfall of the river Spring. We eventually cross it, and from there continue across a field to Via Cava di San Rocco, a hollow road from the time of the Etruscans. The view of the breathtakingly beautiful Sorano is fantastic. We have lunch near the river de Lente. After lunch there is plenty of opportunity to visit Sorano.
Day 4. Sunrise Silent Walk Monte Bisenzio and Citta del Tuffo Archaeological Park near Sovana

We get up very early today for a silent walk at sunrise to the Monte Bisenzio, a special Etruscan site on Lake Bolsena. We have our breakfast here. Then we drive to Sovana. In the immediate vicinity of Sovana is one of the most impressive necropolis in the archaeological park Citta del Tuffo. In this park there are many tombs and burial vaults. Tomba Ildebranda is one of the most famous (3rd century BC). The style is reminiscent of a Greek temple. We have lunch in the park and visit the town of Sovana in the afternoon.
Day 5. Tarquinia
We are going to visit Tarquinia today. We start at the national museum with its particularly beautiful collection about the Etruscans. After the picnic lunch, we visit the painted burial chambers (necropoli) in the nearby park. Our private guide today is Annalisa.
Day 6. Tuscania
Today we visit Tuscania, the birthplace of the last king of Rome “Tarquinius Superbus”. We visit various necropolis, including the Madonna dell’Olivo and the Pian di Mola.
The museum of Tuscania is a gem with a beautiful Etruscan collection of objects from the tombs of the area.
We bring our picnic.
In the afternoon we will visit the Sant Pietro (8th century) built on an Etruscan acropolis and the Santa Maria Maggiore.
Day 7. San Casciano dei Bagni or Vulci
San Casciano dei Bagni
Amazing news from last November when archaeologists discovered 24 large bronze statues, including gods Apollo and Hygiea, from the Etruscan-Roman era in the hot springs of San Casciano dei Bagni. Alongside the bronze statues, they also found gold, silver, and bronze coins, as well as various offerings. The statues will be displayed in a newly purchased palazzo in San Casciano dei Bagni.
If the palazzo is not yet open, we will visit the ancient Etruscan city of Vulci.

Vulci was one of the twelve cities of the Etruscan Federation. However, the city has been almost destroyed. However, a visit is still very interesting. The archaeological digs are housed in a nature park along with languid white cows, gentle horses, a bird of prey here and there, lizards, a single otter, porcupines, and wild herbs. There is a Roman bridge over the ancient navigable river Fiora. Now there is a very deep ravine. The old Etruscan via (road) through Vulci is beautiful.
We visit the Etruscan tombs with our private guide.
Day 8. After breakfast, we say goodbye to each other.

Our guests have their say!

I experienced this beautiful week with my husband. We have experienced the personal atmosphere of this small organization as very pleasant. An eye for the guest, because they are central. Seen a lot and been active this week. Beautiful culture in a particularly atmospheric Italian landscape. Short travel times after the excursions and great food. Mariet thanks for your inspiring company. We will recommend you to our acquaintances and friends. Aard and Nel

Ciao Mariet
What a pleasure to be able to go out in the company of friendly people for a week. At a leisurely pace along the beautiful remains of the Etruscans. Good memories of a special week. Love, de Dijkhofs


Had a super week. Nice program, good food, nice company and… .. you are great. xxxx Beradien

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Mariët Bloemendal

    Etruscans cultural holiday in Italy.

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      Etruscans culture tour Italy

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