My father’s workshop was a place where I liked to visit in addition to many other places in my youth. My father was a furniture upholsterer. I often helped him demolish chairs and sofas and then reupholster them. His workplace was also a social meeting place for the neighborhood, his friends and family. My father was an innovative and wise man a creator.
I learned from him that if you want to start or make something new you must first “demolish”. Remove old things, clean them, restore some left and right and then you can get started with renewing.

my roots- follow the red shoes-Mariet Bloemendal

Jo and Reini Bloemendal My parents in 2011
the oldest entrepreneurs in the Netherlands

In addition, the love of both parents for entrepreneurship. My mother’s shop with countless pillows, fabrics and blankets. Helping to furnish “’her” shop when another season or traditional party was over and another one is approaching. How proud she was of her shop and full of passion she went to work every time.
A youth that laid the foundation for who I am.

From community worker in the social domain to Italy:
After years of working in the social domain as a community worker in various projects and cities in the Netherlands, I decided to change course and give in to my passion for Italy. I have very good memories, among other things, of my community work time at St. Wisselwerk, where I was allowed to work in the social program 7-up in the Noord Apeldoorn district. The art flat was a special part of the work.

The art flat- Apeldoorn-Mariet Bloemendal

2008 The art flat social program 7 up. Zevenhuizen

It started with Activa Bolsena:
Started under the name Activa Bolsena, I first worked together in a VOF and later as a sole proprietorship. Since 2007 actively engaged in organizing various theme holidays around the lake Bolsena in central Italy. Active, artistic, cultural and culinary group holidays, but also individual. I have pledged my heart to this beautiful beautiful still relatively undiscovered authentic Italy. The land of tasting, experiencing, passion, eating, drinking, smelling and seeing.

Cheers Mariet Bloemendal - follow the red shoes

10 years ago Activa Bolsena

Activa Bolsena in the scaffolding on to “Follow the red shoes”
At the end of 2016, the name Activa Bolsena changed to “follow the red shoes”.
It was time for renewal, after a very turbulent period in my life.
This period (however cliché) brought me a lot. Live in the present and continue what I stand for and believe in. Trust that it will be okay. Enjoy the road I walk (with or without red shoes) with lots of fun and humor.
The love for Italy has remained and feels like a pleasant warm bath.

From Activa Bolsena - follow the red shoes

Follow the Rode
Like the Italians, I love the color red.
The color red of “Follow the Red Shoes” stands for warmth, passion and action. The color of (Italian) life, vitality, energy, strength and love. Follow the red shoes is the symbol of my love for Italy. The shoes represent movement and how I see life.
Curious, enterprising, innovative, full of humor and go for life.


Follow the red shoes for your special holiday experience

Around Lake Bolsena:
Like no other, I know the beautiful area around Lake Bolsena (lago di Bolsena) like the back of my hand.
With a diversity of Etruscan and Roman Culture. Often exuberantly visible and sometimes hidden in the beautiful ancient tuff cultural landscape.
I would like to take you to all the fun, special and traditional parties, occasions and secret facets.
Put on your (red) shoes and experience my affinity, interest and love for the country and, just like me, “fall in love” with Italy.
Be absorbed by the atmosphere and immerse yourself in the pleasant Italian pace. Follow the program as described in small groups and visit places most tourists don’t go.
Discover how beautiful Italy is with an adventurous touch.

The metropolis of Rome is nearby and invites you as well as Florence and Siena. Beautiful cities with streets in warm colors, narrow and lively. Squares, buildings and of course those beautiful Italians themselves, who know how to live life so well. La Dolce vita.

Mama-miaaa. Yum!
Enjoy pure Italian food in the local restaurants, where the chef welcomes you and is always ready to cook you a healthy (mostly organic) traditional surprise. Where gastronomy is elevated to art. Delicious wines and dolce await you.
pizza kunst e1449686038406

Cooking holiday Italy. Lake Bolsena-follow the red shoes-ciao bruno

Pizza art.

Hire me:
With Follow the red shoes I would also like to receive you individually as a guest. We then create a tailor-made Italian dream holiday together. Enjoy the architecture, art, culture and history at your own pace. The delicious food, the warmth of the sun and the contacts with the local Italian population.

In short, let yourself be pampered carefree and experience an unforgettable sustainable Italian holiday with me. With all the space for yourself, what you want during your holiday. Because it is and stays your holiday.

Enjoy the personal attention and the exchange of experiences and impressions.
Follow the red shoes on facebook, twitter or You tube or my vlog.
The best thing is of course to really follow them on and on the way in Italy.

Follow the red shoe holiday tailor-made personal guide

The future:
The future depends on what I’m doing now. Follow the red shoes becomes a concept to experience the most special holiday in Italy, with a lot of fans and for this bright future I am committed with more than 100%, full of passion.

Volg de Rode Schoentjes.

“Volg de Rode schoentjes” specializes in special experience and discover holidays for singles in central Italy . Far away from mass tourism, I organize and create a base in which you can discover and experience a real Italian holiday together with other singles. You can also go to Volg de Rode Schoentjes to rent one vacation home in Bolsena or the villages along Lake Bolsena. These houses belong to the local population. In the summer months you can participate in the day excursions of Volg de Rode Schoentjes. Curious who you are going on holiday with? I would like to introduce myself.

Ciao I am Mariët Bloemendal the creative mastermind and passionate Italy expert of “Volg de Rode Schoentjes”.

“Volg de Rode Schoentjes” specializes in extraordinaryexperience and discover holidays for singles in central Italy. Far away from mass tourism, I organize and create a base in which you can discover and experience a real Italian holiday together with other solo travelers. Winner of the Benelux Enterprise Award Best Specialist Italian Holiday agent 2020. Correspondent De Wereld from BNNVARA on NPO1.
Curious who you are going on holiday with? I would like to introduce myself.

Mariët Bloemendal

Would you like more news about Volg de Rode Schoentjes? You can follow my shoes on ….

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