Sustainable travel is hip and an important foundation for your holiday in Italy with Volg de Rode Schoentjes.

Volg de Rode Schoentjes is committed to sustainable travel and holidays.
We ask you to take into account the environment and the beautiful clean lake. The people, nature and culture, so that the destination will remain attractive for future generations.
Buy your fresh produce directly from the farmers or the roadside stalls. Shop at the traditional small family businesses instead of the large supermarkets.
Bring your own refillable water bottle. Very simple and it saves a lot of plastic.
That is why conscious travel is the basis of experiencing a real Italian holiday.
We take care of good accommodations
All arrangements and day excursion s are aimed at the local economy and contribute to this economy.

We are happy to give advice about flying with CO2 compensation.
About the possibilities to come to us by train.

Compensate your CO2 emissions very easily. With a small fee, you can make your flight CO₂ neutral. For example, new trees are planted from your contribution.
Rome is easily accessible by plane. From Rome it takes about 1.5 are to travel to Bolsena with a rental car. Look up for the various companies Skyscanner or on airline tickets lowcost page.

Rent a car:
To move freely in the area, a car is a must. Car rental companies are located at most airports, where you can pick up a car immediately upon arrival. For more information and online bookings, Autoeurope. An overarching agency for car rental companies. Paying for bookings online using credit card. The card must be in the name of the driver.

Own transport :
Bolsena is easily accessible from the Netherlands by car. The distance from Utrecht is approximately 1500 km. From Brussels 1350 km.
Via Switzerland: From the Dutch border you drive via Koln, Koblenz to Karlsruhe then via Switzerland towards Milan. From Milan via the A1 towards Rome and take the exit for Orvieto and then on to Bolsena.
Via Austria: From the border take the A3 towards Kufstein, over the Brenner to Modena and then via the A1 towards Rome, Exit Orvieto and then to Bolsena.

Car sleeper train : You can use the Car sleeper train take from Dusseldorf to Livorno or Verona.

Train: With interrail to Bolsena. Info also available at happytrein or the treinreiswinkel
From various stations you can travel via Milan, Florence to Rome. For the right travel times trenitalia or plannerint.b-rail
The International travel planner of the Dutch Railways is a good option.
You get off at the end station Orvieto (25 km from Bolsena)


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