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Ciao, Follow the Red Shoes has great news!

From April you can actively experience four of her popular and successful Italy packages from your own kitchen, living room and / or studio.

Follow the Red Shoes has won the Benelux Enterprise Award 2020.

Best Specialist Italian Holiday Agent 2020

More information about the Benelux Enterprise Award 2020

Do you recognize this?

Do you miss Italy? Do you also have the travel jitters but you don’t dare to travel yet?
Normally you would come to Italy. Pack your suitcase and go on a trip. Going along the most beautiful places together. Experience the atmosphere and hear the most beautiful language in the world. Smell the scent of fresh coffee and see the colorful streets and squares with people. Hear the best stories.
But right now, that may not feel right for you.


Comfort zone

The Next Level

Yet there is still the possibility to travel without restriction and safely; not physically, but online! Would you like to experience Italy with others? Then take a trip with our online offer.
Any doubts you may still have will be thrown overboard.

What can you expect?

  • An active week full of inspiration
  • More than 100% our personal attention and information
  • Our knowledge and enthusiasm
  • Our special stories
  • The currants in the porridge, just those extras that make the experience so special.
  • Lower costs, because you do not incur any travel costs and do not have to rent accommodation
  • The experience and the feeling of actually being in Italy
  • Every day you will receive inspiring master classes such as webinars, videos and online tours
  • Easy to follow online.
  • In addition, you actively get to work yourself.
  • Help and support with the technical and practical side of attending a masterclass online.
  • Online welcome with wine from Bolsena at the start and the end of the week.
  • Q and A, ask for an hour
  • Always available
  • Online photo book at the end of the week with current photos
  • At the end you look back on a mega special online experience.

You are really looking forward to a break.

Time for yourself.

Time for your passion.

Time to discover a new hobby from your familiar environment, without travel or corona stress.

You will receive our expertise, knowledge and guidance from your own home.

The best experience holidays

online you meet new people

Masterclass online Italian and Vegan cooking
Enjoyed it.
You Mariët did it very nice and relaxed.
Really like Mariëts.
Monique van der Heide

A masterclass Italian vegan cooking.
I start the session and am immediately welcomed with Italian music to get into the atmosphere. Mariët welcomes us and we start our journey after a round of introductions. Cutting, chopping, mixing, kneading, cooking, baking … everything is explained step by step. Ied one is personally supervised and can be tasty own pace to follow.
It’s great fun watching the stories and background to listen to the origin of the dishes. The course is well designed and it feels like a piece of Italy in your own kitchen. Mariët is just wonderful to listen to 🙂
Last but not least: The dishes are surprisingly delicious!
Highly recommended!
Dione Doenen

A masterclass with Mariët is highly recommended. It starts with a good preparation, shopping list. Then Mariët guides you smoothly through the tastiest recipes. because you are cooking with several people via ZOOM, you still have the idea that you are among people. Super cozy and delicious.

Denise Tchai

Masterclass Italian and vegan cooking

Cooking together masterclass

Cooking together online from your own kitchen.

A journey of discovery online for passionate gourmets and bon vivants with a passion for Italian vegan cuisine.
Traveling to Bolsena and experiencing our great Italian cooking holiday together is not yet possible.
So we bring the traditional and vegan cuisine from the Alta Tuscia in Northern Lazio online to your kitchen.

Dates 2021:
Various dates see link.
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Masterclass Urban Sketching Rome

Urban sketching safari Rome

Experience Rome online.
Discover and experience Rome online during our dynamic Urban Sketching. From your own home or studio together with others in a relaxed atmosphere.
We, Mariët Bloemendal from “volg de rode schoentjes” and visual artist / Urban Sketcher Kelly Medford would like to invite you to go online on an Urban Sketching safari through this great metropolis.

During this week, Rome connoisseur Sandrina Bokhorst (Monday and Thursday) and art historian Jessica Schots (Tuesday) will join us in the morning program.
Dates 2021:
April 19-23
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Masterclass Etruscans culture

Etruscans cultural tour
Experience the culture of the Etruscans online.
Join us on an online vacation where you can see and experience firsthand the history and hidden gems of the Etruscans.
Discover the beauty of Etruscan culture in a new way. Comfortable from your own easy chair or sofa. Just as if you are really there.
Would you like to experience Italy and the culture of the Etruscans together with others? Then join our Etruscans culture trip.
Dates 2021:
May 2-7
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Masteclass Italian and vegetarian cooking online.

Vegetarian cooking holiday Italy

Masterclass Italian and vegetarian cooking
Traditional and circular cuisine.

When you can’t travel to Italy, but still want to experience Italian cuisine.
This is the ideal week for you!

Dates 2021:
April 12-16
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17 to 21 May
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Masterclass Italian patisserie online

Pastry course in Italy

It doesn’t get any sweeter.
Join us on an online pastry experience where you can bake together with Fabiana and others from your own kitchen.
Where you will hear the best stories about the history and anecdotes of the recipes.
Where we introduce you to the sweet side of the Alta Tuscia in Northern Lazio, 115 km from metropolis Rome.
Dates 2021:
April 26 to 30
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