Culiniare Italian holidays in the Alta Tuscia.

Are you single or going solo, experience your best culinary holiday together with others in central Italy ever.

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Do you recognize this?

I know.  It can be quite scary to travel solo.
Especially when it is your very first time.
You may be unsure whether  a singles trip is something for you.
Are you afraid that you will not feel comfortable in the group?
Or that you are only going to meet old and unhappy people.
That there is no time for yourself?


Comfort zone

The Next Level

Don’t worry, gift yourself the best holiday experience ever and make new friends for life.

Come along and experience it for yourself. Any doubts you may still have will be thrown overboard.



For your unique Italian culinary holiday experience

Vegetarian, traditional and circular cooking

Small group

Own way

Gaining beautiful impressions without having to consider what your partner, family or friends want to do

You are going to travel carefree.


Choice of two packages from best price to luxury.

The best experience holidays

You’ll be on the road with me. I have over 15 years of experience in organizing the best experience holidays in Italy, around Lake Bolsena and Rome

Vegetarian cooking holiday Italy.

Vegetarian cooking vacation Italy

Vegetarian cooking holiday Italy.
Traditional and circular recipes.
Finding truffles with Fedrico Spadoni.
We cook with local vegetarian products, organic
and sustainable.
Dates 2021:
May 15 to May 22
September 11 to September 18.
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Italian pâtisserieclass

Pastry course in Italy

Italian patisserie course
Dolce, piu dolce, piu dolce. “It can’t be sweet enough”.
Patisserie is an indispensable part of the Italian food culture.
This week we take you into the sweet world of Italian patisserie.
Dates 2021:
April 24 to May 1
October 2 to October 9
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Again we enjoyed a fantastic holiday, organized by Mariët around Bolsena. What beautiful walks and wine tastings, so diverse but all of good quality. Thank you so much for guiding us through the region and letting us enjoy everything this beautiful part of Italy has to offer, it was great!
Margret Leferink

Hello Mariët
On holiday alone for the first time after the death of my partner. With a Volkswagen camper bus to Italy.
Because I have a thing for “culinary” and appreciate Italian food, because of its simplicity and taste, I decided to cook in Italy.
I’m not Jamie Oliver, so a self-organized tour with culinary highlights through Italy was not an option (who knows, maybe next year?). On the internet you can find a number of organizations that offer culinary courses in Italy. None could convince me. Too expensive, too perfectionist, too stilted, etc. I am a “simple soul” myself and don’t want to make life more difficult than it is.
That’s how I met you and the website invited you to get in touch. I was late to register (2 weeks before the start date) but there was still room.
What a week. Full of surprises and special moments. Not a moment of boredom because of Mariët’s loose approach. The (apparent?) ease with which she quickly organizes something else in the event of an unexpected setback (an appointment at a cheese farm was canceled at the last minute) (1/2 hour later you are at a co-operative olive press) is striking. She is therefore not a “tour guide” but an enthusiast who wanted us to enjoy what she herself has enjoyed for a long time. Namely an authentic piece of Italy with a different pace of life and full of surprises.
I have been to Italy before (especially the north), but have now experienced that the true Italy only begins below Florence.
In addition to what you would expect from a cooking course, the cook was so enthusiastic that he took us to a wholesaler and involved his grandmother to let us prepare some “bread products” and sweets.
Furthermore, that week there was a walking tour that I did not participate in because I was on vacation, right! Did some shopping that day, spent hours on a terrace talking about important and trivial matters and letting time do its thing: pass by.
Certainly not unpleasant in this environment.
I thought the second day, when we attended a concert and dinner in the courtyard of a castle, would already be the highlight of the week. But no, even more surprising things followed. A super enthusiastic cook / teacher. A boat trip around the former holiday resort of Pope X (four or five popes ago), which is located on an island in the middle of Lake Bolsena. Visit to a winery with 120 hectares of vineyard. In the evening, eat together at Mariët’s beautiful garden in the middle of Bolsena. Or eat by the water with a view of a red ball (the sun) sinking in the lake.
Mariët and cook Janos thank you. You have a big heart. Are wonderfully uncomplicated and inventive. The right ingredients to fill in an unforgettable week for me. And, oh yes, I certainly learned a thing or two about cooking
Do you want a holiday with a tight schedule in which everything is determined exactly in advance and you can’t stand it when a day doesn’t go exactly as planned?
“Then this is not the travel organization you should go for”.
However, if you like surprises, are not afraid of changes and would like to have a holiday organized by a few interesting people who have two feet on Italian soil:
Feel free to book, you won’t regret it.
Greetings from a satisfied guest,


Ten days after the stay in beautiful Bolsena just a reaction.
Together with three enthusiastic students, I participated in the Italian cooking course.
It was amazing. First of all, the reception by Mariet.
We were taken by car every day to Castel Giorgio, into the interior of Lazio. In Castel Giorgio we were welcomed by our cook with many bottles of cool water and delicious coffee. It was around 34 degrees every day!
What he taught and presented us in four days, in combination with the enthusiasm with which he does so, is great. After all the work in the kitchen, it is then fun to taste the dishes together.
We also did a wine and olive oil tasting and he took us to a wholesaler for kitchen supplies. An Eldorado for novice chefs!
In the afternoon a nice dip in Lake Bolsena and then in the evening something to eat and talk with each other.
The next day it is up early again for new cooking experiences. Creative and inexhaustible.
It was a wonderful week, too short, a few days of reminiscing about the beautiful Bolsena and its beautiful surroundings is definitely recommended!
Thanks to our hostess Mariet!
Joke Pels

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