Vegetarian cooking holiday Italy


Vegetarian cooking holiday Italy

During the vegetarian cooking vacation (if you want to cook completely vegan, that`s also possible) come and discover Italy’s traditional vegetarian cuisine of the Italian nonna from the Alta-Tuscia. A cooking week where traditional recipes are interspersed with Fabiana Eramo`s fantastic own recipes from the circular kitchen. A journey of discovery for passionate gourmets and bon vivant with a passion for cooking. A journey of discovery for passionate gourmets and bon vivant with a passion for cooking.

We, Mariët Bloemendal of Volg de Rode Schoentjes and Fabiana Eramo chef at her home restaurant La Casa di Effe have created a beautiful program. We will spend two cooking days exploring the traditional cuisine of the Alta Tuscia and two days exploring circular cooking. Circular cooking is using the whole product from wick to skin. Central is respect for the environment, animals, and the life cycle of food, without waste.
Fabiana’s creativity is palpable in her kitchen and can be found in her dishes. Everything with a creative sauce her dishes are art. So that will be special! So that will be special!

Even more special is the “truffle hunt” this week with Federico Spadoni and his truffle dog Arco. We will enjoy the truffles found during a wonderful lunch in the campagnia. P.s. a nonna may join us to cook.

Unique to this vegetarian/vegan cooking holiday

  • We cook everything ourselves
  • Fresh local produce straight from the land
  • Small group with personal attention.
  • All transport in Italy during the cooking week
  • The cozy kitchen of Fabiana is our place this week
  • The cozy kitchen of Fabiana is our place this week. Eat the homemade meal together on the terrace with panoramic views over the lake.
  • With each meal we have wine from the region
  • Cooking class of the most creative cook
  • Truffle hunting included
  • Surprise your taste buds
  • For anyone who wants an amazing fun and educational week Authentic Italy Focus on traditional and circular cuisine
  • Authentic Italy
  • Focus on traditional and circular cuisine

Dates 2023:
April 22 to April 29
June 24-July 1
Aug 26 to Sept 2
Oct 21 to 28

Mariët Bloemendal.

Mariët Bloemendal volg de rode schoentjes

Ciao, I am Mariët Bloemendal the creative jack-of-all-trades and passionate Italy expert of “Volg de Rode Schoentjes”.
Follow the Red Shoes specializes in special experiences and discovery vacations in Italy.
My mission is to let you especially enjoy authentic central Italy. Far away from mass tourism I take care of, organize, and create a base in which you, will discover and experience a real Italian vacation.
Wondering with whom you will travel? I cordially invite you to read more about me through my blog.
In 2020, with Follow the Red Shoes, I won the Benelux Award for Best Specialist Italian Holiday Agent 2020. Since January 2021, I have been featured monthly as a Correspondent Italy program “de Wereld” BNNVARA NPO1.
Since January 2021, I have been heard monthly as
Correspondent Italy program “de Wereld” BNNVARA NPO1.

Fabiana Eramo


Our chef this week is Fabiana Eramo. Fabiana cooks the stars of heaven at “la casa di eFFe” her home restaurant in Vetralla. Fabiana is the author of the cookbook Tuscia Slow. In 80 recipes, she takes you on a journey through the cooking traditions of the Alta Tuscia. Nonna Tuscia is a new project of Fabiana which she created together with Vanessa Giraldo-journalist, videographer, and manager of Radio Tuscia Events. A search for the old traditional recipes of the nonna and nonno from the Alta Tuscia.
Fabiana works as a base with recipes from traditional Italian cuisine. She reworks these into new circular recipes. You taste and see guts and character when working with Fabiana.

What a professional woman Fabiana is so much learned. The vacation was successful.
What a fantastic week it was…@ thanks to Mariet ” Volg de Rode schoentjes”

Charl Laumen

a ??

We enjoyed the cooking masterclass. What a place and what a lovely woman Fabiana.

Fam Wachteveld

Description vegetarian/vegan cooking holiday Italy

Cooking is looking, feeling, hearing, smelling, tasting, and especially enjoying the Italian flavors and colors. The pleasure of cooking and eating together.
Italians are true bon vivant They know how to live life like no other. Eating together is therefore an important part of Italian life.
Give yourself this cooking week. Lovely under the Italian sun. Surrounded by people who, just like you, have a passion for cooking.


Accommodation cooking holiday Italy:

During this week you will stay in a beautiful villa in Bolsena or similar. It is also possible to spend the night in the special palazzo or an agriturismo (with a pool). Depending on the package and group size you choose. Depending on the package and group size you choose.



The days and times the cooking classes are held may vary. Essentially, the program remains the same.
We start every cooking day at 10:00 am in the attractive and practically furnished kitchen of Casa di eFFe or in the villa
After the lunch break, we continue cooking.
Afterward, we have dinner together * Most recipes are vegan. Vegetarian recipes are converted to vegan on request.

Day 1 – Arrival
Saturday afternoon arrival in Bolsena. Get acquainted while enjoying a nice glass of wine.
Welcome dinner in Bolsena.
Day 2 – Visit Bolsena and relax
Shared breakfast.
Explanation about the week.
Discover Bolsena
A shared meal including wine tasting in Bolsena.
Day 3 – cooking course “Cucina tradizionale”
Frittelle di cicoria di campo e pasta lievitata fritta.
Pancake of chicory and baked leavened dough.
Tagliatelle fatte in casa, con le nostre uova di gallina, al pesto di basilico e pomodorini freschi.
Homemade tagliatelle with basil pesto and fresh cherry tomatoes.
Polpette di pane al sugo tradizionali.
Traditional bread balls with sauce.
Ravioli dolci con i ceci “ceciaroli”
Sweet ravioli with chickpeas
Day 4 – cooking class “Cucina tradizionale”
Frittatina a trippa
Vegetarian fried tripe.
“Lombrichelli” al sugo di tarlo.
Lombrichelli is a somewhat thicker pasta with grandmother’s sauce.
“Scafata” di verdure
Traditional vegetable dish with fava (beans) and various seasonal vegetables.
“Giuncata” fatta in Casa con miele locale.
“Faremo un formaggio fresco”
Homemade “Giuncata” with local honey or agave.
Day 5 – Looking for truffles
After breakfast we go on a truffle hunt with Federico Spadioni and his truffle dog Arco
Truffle lunch in the campagnia.
Possibility to participate in an Etruscan excursion in the afternoon.
Dinner at Bolsena.
Day 6 – Cooking course “Circular cuisine in Tuscia”
Torretta di patate cuore blu, tuorlo d’uovo fritto, crema di caprino az. Sensi, buccia fritta di patata.
Potato tower of the local potato with fried egg yolk, cream of goat cheese az. Sensi with baked potato peel.
Gnocchi di patate alle erbe, Tartufo dei Monti Cimini, croccante di cialda al reggiano e terra di caffè.
Potato gnocchi with herbs, Monti Cimini truffle, crispy waffles, and ground coffee.
Bauletto di verza farcito con patate locali cuore rosso e olive. Su acqua di pomodoro al basilico.
Savoy cabbage stuffed with local potatoes and olives. On basil tomato water.
Semifreddo all’olio Evo Az. “Costa del pedone” su crema di limoni bio e pistacchi pralinati.
Semifreddo with oil from Evo Oil Az. “Costa del pedone” on a cream of organic lemons and praline pistachios.
Day 7 – Cooking course “Circular cuisine in Tuscia”
Flan di melanzane, su salsa di burrata locale, basilico liquido e chips di buccia.
Aubergine flan with burrata sauce, liquid basil, and skin fries.
Tortellone di ricotta e spinaci cuore liquido, al burro salato, vino, salvia, e nocciole tostate.
Tortelloni with a liquid heart of ricotta and spinach, with salted butter, wine, sage, and roasted hazelnuts.
Terrina di pane al caffè autoprodotto, patè di melanzane, con pera al vino rosso.
Homemade coffee bread terrine, aubergine pie, with pear in red wine.
Bicchierino di zuppa inglese con spugna all’archemes e limone liquido.
Zuppa Inglese with limoncello
Day 8 – Departure
Breakfast and then this beautiful week is over.

Some experiences from our guests.
This cooking workshop week is highly recommended. Janos is a great enthusiastic cook who served us delicious Italian
learned to make dishes, we did that in the morning and during lunch, we all ate it together, with wine, delicious.
the area is beautiful, we stayed in the old part of Bolsena between the Italians, what an atmosphere! I
In the afternoon we swam in Lake Bolsena.
Mariët showed us many beautiful places, we walked in Tuscany where the Etruscans used to live.
In the evening we ate in a restaurant, or we ate at Mariët’s house in their cozy courtyard,
where Mariët cooked delicious vegetarian meals for us,
wine very nice. a week for us to remember!
Thank you, Mariette. See you soon dear greetings Gladys and Ria

Dear Mariët
The culinary cooking week was great, especially Janos de Kok!
I learned a lot and saw a lot of the beautiful Italian nature.
What a wonderful week,
I enjoyed it If a mechanic is needed again, let me know. I’m always up for a free trip to Italy
love Maartje

Hey Mariët
For the first time alone on holiday after the death of my partner. With a Volkswagen camper van to Italy.
Because I have a thing for “culinary” and appreciate Italian food for its simplicity and taste, I decided to start cooking in Italy.
I’m not Jamie Oliver, so a self-organized tour with culinary highlights through Italy was out of the question (who knows next year?). On the internet, you can find several organizations that offer cooking courses in Italy. None convinced me. Too expensive, too perfectionist, too stilted, etc. I am a “simple soul” myself and don’t want to make life more difficult than it is.
That’s how I came across you and the website invited me to contact you. I was late to register (2 weeks before the start date) but there was still room.
What a week. Full of surprises and special moments. Not a moment of boredom due to Mariët’s loose approach. The (apparent?) ease with which they quickly organize something else in the event of an unexpected setback (an appointment at a cheese farm was canceled at the last minute) (1/2 hour later you are at a cooperative olive press) is striking. She is therefore not a “tour guide” but an enthusiast who wanted us to enjoy what she has been enjoying for some time. Namely an authentic piece of Italy with a different pace of life and full of surprises.
I have been to Italy (especially the north) before, but now I have experienced that true Italy only begins below Florence.
Besides what you can expect from a cooking course, making pizza, preparing dough for kinds of pasta, fillings, and sauces, fish, meat dishes, etc., the cook was so enthusiastic that he took us to a wholesaler and involved his grandmother to make us some “bread products”. and sweets to prepare.
Furthermore, there was a walking tour that week that I didn’t participate in because I was on vacation, right! Did some shopping that day, talked for hours on a terrace about important and trivial matters, and let time do its thing: pass.
Certainly not unpleasant in this environment.
I thought that the second day, when we visited a concert with dinner in the courtyard of a castle, would already be the highlight of the week. No, more surprising things followed. A super enthusiastic cook/teacher. A boat trip around the former holiday resort of Pope X (four or five popes ago), which is located on an island in the middle of Lake Bolsena. Visit a winery with 120 hectares of vineyard. In the evening, eat together at Mariët’s in their beautiful garden in the middle of Bolsena. Or eat by the water with a view of a red ball (the sun) sinking into the lake.
Mariët and cook Janos thank you. You have a big heart. Are wonderfully uncomplicated and inventive. The right ingredients fill in an unforgettable week for me. A And, oh yes, I definitely learned a thing or two about cooking too
Do you want a holiday with a tight schedule in which everything is predetermined and you can’t stand when a day doesn’t go exactly as planned?
“Then this is not the travel organization you need”.
However, if you like surprises, are not afraid of changes, and would like to have a holiday organized by a few fascinating people who have two feet on Italian soil:
Feel free to book, you won’t regret it.
Greetings from a satisfied guest,

Ten days after the stay in beautiful Bolsena, just a comment.
Together with three enthusiastic students, I participated in Janos’ Italian cooking course.
It was amazing. First of all, the reception by Mariet.
We were taken each day by car to Castel Giorgio, into the interior of Lazio. In Castel Giorgio, we were welcomed by our cook Janos with many bottles of cool water and delicious coffee. It was around 34 degrees every day!
What he has taught and presented to us in four days, in combination with the enthusiasm with which he does it, is great. After all the work in the kitchen, it is nice to taste the dishes together.
We also did a wine and olive oil tasting and he took us to a wholesaler for kitchen supplies. An El Dorado for novice cooks!
In the afternoon a lovely dip in Lake Bolsena and then in the evening have something to eat and talk.
The next day it’s up early again for new cooking experiences. Janos is creative and inexhaustible, and fortunately, he speaks good English!
It was a wonderful, too-short week, a few days to enjoy the beautiful Bolsena and its beautiful surroundings is recommended!
Thanks to our hostess Mariet! Joke Pels

Hello readers,
Just a short comment on the enjoyed holiday in Italy. The cottage “Casa Bianca” was fine in a breathtaking location in the middle of the olive groves. Waking up for the first time in the middle of this beautiful area was fantastic. In addition to walking and running, mountain biking would be possible, as well as horse riding. A fantastically beautiful area, in the middle of nature. The village of Bolsena and all associated facilities are half an hour’s walk or ten minutes away by car, but that was the deciding factor for us to rent a car. With a beautiful clean lake for swimming and a very nice town like Bolsena, there was a lot in our immediate vicinity that made the holiday complete. The festivities around the end of August as well as the market and tasting provided even more variety. The beaches were lovely and we did not use the program for walks. Except for the cooking workshop! Except for the cooking workshop! In combination with great company, this was a highlight of the holiday where chef Janos builds up the “Italian cuisine” from the basic ingredients to a delicious dish, simple and easy to make yourself in the Netherlands.
All in all, a very successful, sunny, and delicious holiday thanks to the good care of Volg de Red shoes. Martin and Annelies



Despite the heat had a great week.
After a long journey with a lot of traffic jams arrived in Bolsena and was taken to my apartment. Turned out to be very spacious.
Started cooking on Monday, and eating, because you have to eat what you cook. For a week, the belt of the pants has to go a little further.
Explored Italian cuisine under the guidance of a cheerful and passionate chef. Something different from the French small snacks with sauces and colors. In Italy, it is not only about the appearance but also about the taste. Bought a pasta machine in the daze of the Italian kitchen, so that I now make my pasta every week.
If we were not cooking, Mariët took care of us, and delicious breakfast in the garden, where it was also nice to eat and relax in the evening.
In addition, there is also enough free time to explore the village, possibly. the surroundings and laze by the lake. In short, a great week.
Cooking Week Italy
After arriving at the station of Orvieto, I am picked up by Mariet as agreed, and, via a nice car ride, I am also shown a bit of the way in Bolsena. Upon arrival at the cozy campsite on Lake Bolsena, the tent is spacious and fully equipped and is located in a lovely spot under the tree. At the end of the afternoon, I report to the welcome drink in Bolsena to get to know a fellow student and the next morning at breakfast the 2 other students. . A cozy small group and in the afternoon Mariët shows us the beautiful places of Bolsena, concluded with a wine tasting. At the end of the afternoon to an art market in the beautifully situated Sorano; not a bad start to the holiday!

The next morning, after another delicious breakfast, we go to the restaurant Il Rovere where our teacher Janos welcomes us with a cup of coffee and soon we start making pasta, ravioli, risotto, pasta sauce, gnocchi, etc. What a party to do and then we can eat everything too! We can’t say porridge anymore and beg Janos to adjust the portions a bit because we fear we will gain kilos After the well-deserved siesta and a wonderful dip in the lake, Mariët again provided us with a delicious light meal and provided us with all the information and necessities that come in handy during the holiday week, such as the best places to swim, drink coffee or fruit, and buy wine. Wonderfully hospitable and helpful and every evening good food in the garden or picnic by the lake. The days fly by with the lessons of Janos, who very enthusiastically and patiently transfers his knowledge and recipes to us and lets us enjoy all facets of Italian cuisine. And also the lesson with the 82-year-old grandmother about making the delicious focaccia and sandwiches was unforgettable! The photos speak volumes and the dishes taste as delicious as they look! Saying goodbye to Janos and his kitchen is hard for us, unfortunately, you can’t take the sun that you taste in Italy in the ingredients and dishes in your suitcase…. Well, the kitchen stuff that we bought in the great warehouse and the olive oil from the olive farmer from Bolsena, brings back the memories a bit. And after the last excursion to the winery and the beautifully situated Civita di Bagnoregio, it is almost time to go to her house and immediately plan to come back here. What a great holiday: the best of Italy has been united in this cooking week in beautiful Bolsena and its surroundings. And the more than hospitable reception and guidance by Mariët is a very important factor in this, they radiate their love for Italy on all sides and convey it to the guests. Activa Bolsena is highly recommended in every way! Margret Leferink

What a wonderful cooking week I had in Bolsena! The weather was good, the apartment was fine, and was close to the lake. The cooking classes were educational and fun and the dishes were delicious. What a lot I’ve learned. From simple to more complicated dishes. And all kinds of useful tips to put a quick Italian ‘impress your friends’ meal on the table. Everything was possible and Janos was up for anything, really enjoyed it! The surroundings are beautiful and the atmosphere is relaxed. Especially the small scale of your travels, Mariët, is what appeals to me. Nice and simple, personal, and with no fuss. I enjoyed your company and effort to make us feel comfortable. In short; a holiday that was nothing to criticize as far as I’m concerned. I will be back next year, you have gained a fan!
Saluti e ci vediamo! Monique

Our cooking holiday in Bolsena. Last October, my brother and I came up with the idea of ​​going on a cooking holiday. After wandering around the internet for a long time, we finally came to follow the red shoes.
What attracted us to the cooking week organized by them was the accommodation; the holidaymakers were accommodated in cottages in the old center “in the middle of the Italians”, that was exactly what we wanted, and that’s how it was. We had a house on a square and lived next to the Italians in the old town of Bolsena for a week.
Our organizers accompanied us from arrival to departure. We were met on arrival with a drink on a terrace and from that moment on we discussed the schedule for the coming day every day. So our days were filled, not only with cooking, but with visits to towns, markets, wine and oil tasting, and a wine festival.
We were also invited by Mariët for dinner in the garden, complete with palm and banana trees, a cozy fire, tasty snacks, and all this accompanied by guitar music. Our cook Janos has contributed greatly to making our holiday a success. He made us feel comfortable in his kitchen and he responded to any question or suggestion from our side. After that, it was of course a pleasure every day to eat our homemade meal together at the end of the afternoon. We thoroughly enjoyed this week, thanks in part to the creativity and commitment of Mariët, the cooking skills of Janos, and of course, the delicious wine that flowed in abundance. We are already homesick for Bolsena, so hopefully see you next year!

Irene & Kees van Hunen
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Ciao ik ben Mariët Bloemendal de creatieve duizendpoot en gepassioneerde Italië expert van “Volg de Rode Schoentjes”.

“Volg de Rode Schoentjes” heeft zich gespecialiseerd in bijzondere beleef en ontdek vakanties in midden Italië. Ver weg van massatoerisme ontzorg, organiseer en creëer ik een basis waarin jij een echte Italiaanse vakantie gaat ontdekken en beleven. Correspondent “de Wereld” BNNVARA op NPO1.
Winnaar van de Benelux Enterprise Award Best Specialist Italian Holiday agent 2020. Nieuwsgierig geworden met wie je op vakantie gaat? Ik stel me graag aan je voor.

Mariët Bloemendal

Vega Italia E-book

8 driegangen menu`s uit de traditionele Italiaanse keuken met een vega twist

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