Masterclass Etruscans Culture online 2 to 7 May

Masterclass online

Masterclass Etruscans Culture online 2 to 7 May

When you can’t travel to Italy, but still want to experience the culture of the Etruscans. Then this is the ideal week for you.

Do you also have the travel jitters but you don’t dare to travel yet? Do you miss Italy? Would you like to walk through Italy right now and experience the Etruscan culture? But you can or do not (yet) dare to travel to Italy? Then I have good news, it is still possible to experience this journey. Join us on an online vacation where you can see and experience firsthand the history and hidden gems of the Etruscans. Discover the beauty of Etruscan culture in a new way. Comfortable from your own easy chair or sofa. Just as if you are really there.

Would you like to experience Italy and the culture of the Etruscans together with others? Then join our Etruscans culture trip.

Who were the Etruscans?

There is a lot to discover around Lake Bolsena, halfway between Siena and Rome. Few places have so many vestiges of Etruscan culture as the tuff landscape of Latium and Tuscany. During our Etruscans culture trip we will roam this area. We are happy to take you on this journey. During this trip you will search with us for the (art) treasures of this mystical people.

The Etruscans are one of the most fascinating cultures in history. Etruscans in pre-Roman Italy had their own culture for a long time. They were a highly developed and very artistic people. The Etruscan influence on Rome was great. This is reflected in religion and architecture. Unfortunately, this culture was lost and the Romans took control of the Etruscan cities. The Etruscans believed in life after death. This can be found in the beautifully decorated burial chambers in Tarquinia and the museums. They lived in what is now Tuscany, Latium and Umbria. Between the rivers Tiber and Arno.

Why online?

Normally you would come to Italy for this culture trip. Pack your suitcase and go on a trip. Together with Annalisa Paranno (guide) and me you would see and visit the most beautiful Etruscan places under the Italian sun. Experience the atmosphere and hear the most beautiful language in the world. Smell the scent of fresh coffee on a terrace and see the colorful streets and squares with people. Hear the most beautiful stories about the history of the Etruscans.

But right now, that may not feel right for you. You are really looking forward to a break. Time for yourself. This week you can bring the Etruscans into your living room comfortably from your own home. You will receive our expertise, knowledge and guidance. We take you online into the secrets of the fascinating culture of Etruscans.

You join us online and discover the most beautiful places together. How beautiful is the combination of the power of telling history and anecdotes about the Etruscans and seeing the accompanying images live.

What are we going to do this week

Online program from day to day.

Day 1. Saturday Welcome
Welcome online in Bolsena at 4 p.m. We will get to know each other on our virtual terrace and briefly go through the program. Of course we drink a delicious wine from Bolsena.

Sunday Day 2. Volsinii and Bolsena
Today we kick off online in Bolsena with our Etruscans culture journey. I will take you to the old Volsinii and the former Bolsena and afterwards we will visit the archaeological museum of Bolsena with a nice small collection of the Etruscans.

Monday 3. Webinar Vitozza an old Etruscan city and in the afternoon a walk through sunken roads (Via Cave).

In the morning we have a webinar and we will discover Vitozza an ancient Etruscan city. I will show you the 3000 year old cave houses, stables, water basins and a “single family home”. The place where wine or olive oil was made at the time. I take you to the columbarium Etruscan / Roman time the waterfall and the source of the spring river.

After lunch we will go live walking through some impressive and fascinating Via Cave (Hollow roads). In Pitigliano, this beautiful day ends on a terrace.

Tuesday 4. Sunrise Silent Walk Monte Bisenzio and Citta del Tuffo Archaeological Park near Sovana
Today it is early to get up because I will take you on a silent walk at sunrise to Monte Bisenzio, an Etruscan site on Lake Bolsena, this place is so beautiful and special. Hear the morning wake up this morning and enjoy the power of the sunrise.

In the afternoon, Annalisa will accompany us to one of the most impressive Etruscan death cities in the Citta del Tuffo Archaeological Park near Sovana. In this park there are many tombs and burial vaults. Tomba Ildebranda is one of the most famous (3rd century BC). The style is reminiscent of a Greek temple.

Wednesday 5. Tarquinia
Today we are going to visit the national museum of Tarquinia with its very nice collection about the Etruscans. After lunch we visit the impressive painted burial chambers (necropoli) in the nearby park. Our private guide today is Annalisa.

Thursday 6. Tuscania
Today we take you to Tuscania, the hometown of the last king of Rome “Tarquinius Superbus”. In the morning Annalisa will take us to the necropolis, the Madonna dell’Olivo and the Pian di Mola.

After lunch we will show you the museum of Tuscania in the afternoon. The museum is a gem with a beautiful Etruscan collection of objects from the tombs from the Tuscania area.

Friday 7. Vulci
The last day already! We go online to Vulci one of the twelve cities of the Etruscan federation. The city has been almost completely destroyed. However, a visit is still very worthwhile. We follow the old Etruscan via (road) through Vulci. The archaeological digs are housed in a nature park along with languid white cows, gentle horses, a bird of prey here and there, lizards, a single otter, porcupines and wild herbs.

After lunch visit the Etruscan tombs with our private guide Annalisa.

We end the week in the evening with a live online drink and a review of the week.

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6 online master classes in the morning and afternoon. Two guides Online welcome and goodbye. Wine package with wines from Bolsena for the welcome and farewell moment (delivered at home) Antipasti assortment for the last day when you say goodbye (delivered at home)

Goed om te weten:

The online Etruscans culture trip is in Dutch and English You have a good internet connection and ZOOM The week is for a maximum of 12 participants. You can ask questions online and respond during the tours. After payment you will immediately receive confirmation of participation and the general terms and conditions. You will receive the link for the Zoom two days in advance.

Wil je optimaal genieten van deze masterclass?

Then take a week's holiday in your own home. Provide a nice place where you can go out undisturbed. Where you have a good internet connection. Install the Zoom app. The online days will be between 3 to 5 to 6 hours. There is both a morning and an afternoon program. During lunch we go offline.

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