Walking holiday for singles Italy.

Southern Tuscany, Lazio and Umbria.


Walking holiday for singles in Italy with Volg de Rode Schoentjes.

Single or solo? Experience your best walking holiday in Italy ever.

Come and walk in Southern Tuscany, Lazio and Umbria together with others.

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Best Specialist Italian Holiday Agent 2020

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Do you recognize this?

I know. It can be quite scary traveling solo.
Especially when it is your very first time.
Perhaps you are in doubt whether a solo walking holiday is something for you?
Are you afraid that you will not feel comfortable in the group?
Or that you are only going to meet old and unhappy people?
That there is no time for yourself?


Comfort zone

The Next Level

Don’t worry, give yourself the best walking holiday ever and make new friends for life.
Come along and experience it for yourself. Any doubts you may still have will be thrown overboard.

For your unique walking experience in a small group

Personal attention is paramount.

Own way

Gaining beautiful impressions without having to consider what your partner, family or friends want to do

Eye for nature, culture and the rich history

Unbeaten path.

You will visit places that you would normally not see alone.
The starting and finishing point of the walking days are beautiful old towns.

The best experience holidays

You’ll be on the road with me. I have over 15 years of experience in organizing the best experience holidays in Italy, around Lake Bolsena and Rome

Recently made the wine walking trip with a friend (and 2 other ladies) and when I started it I could not have imagined that this would be one of my best holidays !!!
Guided by Mariet, we went on beautiful and special walks and visited beautiful places.
Some parts in the walks were quite tough, but “the reward” consisted of a very special wine tasting, both special with regard to the wines but also with regard to the locations of the various tastings and the owners, and stories of the owners, so “the tough parts ”and the fatigue were soon forgotten.
Bolsena and surroundings are beautiful, no mass tourism and the people are very friendly and helpful.
Mariet is a very special hostess/guide/tour leader, a warm person. She does everything she can to make the guests feel at home so that it becomes a special experience for them. Everything is, or will be, arranged by her and small changes in the program in the meantime is no problem. We really felt pampered.
One of the ladies mentioned that “wine walking” would be a nice new verb. I totally agree, as far as I’m concerned one of the nicest verbs there is.
This trip was a very special experience and definitely a must for anyone who
loves wine and walking and wants to do something different on holiday.

Monique van der Heide

A wonderful walking holiday. Under the guidance of Mariët, follow the red shoes, in 10 days from Orvieto to Rome on foot. The nature, the beautiful varied landscape, the delicious food, the beautiful small villages and towns and places where we spent the night have made this holiday an experience to remember! FANTASTIC! This way of traveling ensures that you get to see places that you normally would not and shows the real Italy. It is an addition to go out with someone who knows the language, culture and the area well. Mariët ensures that everything is well organized, such as the rest day in Calcata (never had such a beautiful view from a holiday accommodation before), and knows how to find the nicer paths that lie between Orvieto and Rome. Under the warm Italian sun it is much more pleasant to walk through the forest and among the hazelnut trees than along the asphalted roads. All in all, had a fantastic two weeks, thank you!

Nikki Schuurmans

Hello Mariët, It was a wonderful holiday with beautiful excursions, walks and just relaxing at the lake. We had a great time. The most memorable thing of the recent days is the beautiful lilac light in the morning and in the evening. In addition to the beautiful surroundings and impressive towns, we found it very pleasant to do something ‘organized’ on a small scale. The walks were very rewarding. On the way home we decided that we definitely want to go back to this region and that the organization of yours was fine and pleased. Thanks!

Gerrit and Tineke Onnink.

Walking holiday Etruscans Italy.


Walking holiday singles chasing Etruscans.
Discover together with Volg de Rode
Schoentjes the treasures of the Etruscans.
Walking week of 7 days. Border of Tuscany
Lazio and Umbria. Central of the lake

Dates 2021:
April 17 to April 24
May 8 to May 15
June 26 to July 3
August 28 to September 4
October 9 to October 16
November 6 to November 13
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Winter hiking Italy.

Winter hiking follow the red shoes

Winter hiking Italy.
Walking in Italy in the winter is wonderful. The landscape is surprisingly beautiful.
The temperature is very pleasant for going out hiking. Clear blue skies and stunning sunsets.
In a surprisingly green environment.
Dates 2021:
January 16 to January 23
February 13 to February 20
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Wine walking holiday Italy.

Wine hiking. Walking holiday singles Italy.
Experience and discover how much fun a
wine walking holiday is.
Border of Tuscany, Lazio and Umbria.
Around Lake Bolsena.
Dates 2021:
April 3 to April 10
June 12 to June 19
September 4 to September 11
October 16 to October 23
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Walking from Orvieto to Rome.


In 650.000 steps to Rome. “La passegata dell amore”
Going on your own on a walking holiday, but rather not be alone during your trip?
Do you enjoy new encounters?
Do you enjoy going on an active holiday with a group of friendly people, in a relaxed atmosphere?
Walk with us on ancient pilgrimage paths on the way to Rome.
Dates 2021:
May 22 to June 5 or 6
September 18 to October 2 or October 3
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