Masterclass Italian patisserie online.

Masterclass online

Masterclass Italian patisserie online

April 26 to 30

It doesn’t get any sweeter

The ideal masterclass for you! When you can’t travel to Italy, but still want to experience sweet Italy in your own kitchen.

If you really want to discover and experience la dolce vita Italy, the masterclass Italian patisserie is a must. Patisserie is part of the Italian food culture. My day in Bolsena usually starts with a quick sweet breakfast at one of the many bars. Here I meet my neighbors and friends and share our events. In between, feast on a cannolo and enjoy the fantastic desserts to round off the day. Because there is better than ending a dinner with your family or friends with a great homemade Italian dessert. A journey of discovery for enthusiasts and bon vivants, with a passion for baking.

Join us on an online pastry experience where you can bake together with Fabiana and others from your own kitchen. Where you will hear the best stories about the history and anecdotes of the recipes. Where we introduce you to the sweet side of the Alta Tuscia in Northern Lazio, 115 km from metropolis Rome.

Would you like to learn how to make the most beautiful dishes at home from your own kitchen? Then join our cooking week.

Baking is looking, feeling, hearing, smelling, tasting and above all enjoying the Italian scents, flavors and colors. The pleasure of baking and eating together.
Italians are real bon vivants. They know how to live life like no other. Eating together is therefore an important part of Italian life.
Treat yourself this pastry week. Delicious from your own kitchen. Surrounded online by people who have a passion for pastry just like you.

We, Mariët Bloemendal from Volg de Rode Schoentjes and Fabiana Eramo chef at her own home restaurant La Casa di Effe have made a beautiful masterclass patisserie. We are going to discover the sweet secrets of the Alta Tuscia for four days. Fabiana is the author of the cookbook Tuscia Slow in 80 recipes, she travels through the cooking and baking traditions of the Alta Tuscia.
Fabiana’s creativity can be felt in her own kitchen and is reflected in her dishes. Everything with a creative sauce, her dishes are art. It is bound to be special!

The “Truffle hunting During this week with Federico Spadoni and his truffle dog Arco. We will make a great truffle dessert (Federico recipe) from the truffles we have found.

What are we going to do this week .

Online program from day to day.

Day 1. Sunday Welcome
Welcome online in Bolsena at 4 p.m. We will get to know each other on our virtual terrace and briefly go through the program. Of course we drink a delicious wine from Bolsena.

Day 2. Monday
“Biscotti delle feste tradizionali della Tuscia”

Various cookies that are made at traditional festivals

“Tozzetti con le nocciole della Tuscia e le sue varianti”

A specialty from Lazio accompanied by a local dessert wine.

“Cioccolatini alle nocciole”

Hazelnut chocolate.

Day 3 Tuesday

“Ossetti da morto alle nocciole”

Bones of nuts

“Ravioli con la ricotta”

Ravioli with sweets and ricotta

Day 4 Wednesday – Truffle hunting
Online truffle hunting with Federico

Day 5 Thursday


The white dessert

Baci di dama

Kiss from the lady

Day 6 Friday

“Parmigiana al cioccolato”

Dessert of several sweet layers


End the week with a glass of wine and antipasti.

Prijs € 625


4 online patisserie masterclasses. Truffle hunting and recipe for making a pasta with truffles. Online welcome and goodbye. Will be delivered to your home: 6 wines from Bolsena for the welcome and farewell moment. Antipasti assortment for the last day.

Goed om te weten:

The online masterclass is in Dutch, Italian and English You have a good internet connection and ZOOM The week is for a maximum of 12 participants. You can ask and respond online questions during the workshop. After payment you will immediately receive confirmation of participation and the general terms and conditions. You will receive the link for the Zoom two days in advance. The shopping list at least 1 week in advance.

Wil je optimaal genieten van deze masterclass?

Then take a week's holiday in your own home. Provide a nice place where you can cook and bake undisturbed. Where you have a good internet connection. Install the Zoom app The online days will be between 3 to 4.
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