Experiences with Volg de Rode Schoentjes:

Are you looking for a special Italian vacation with “Volg de Rode Schoentjes”? Here you can read the experience of my guests over the years.

Had a wonderful holiday in Bolsena, thanks to Mariët !! A sociable, and genuinely interested, sweet woman! Fantastically organized activities. Everything was well organized!
Simone Fiet Twilhaar.

Hello readers, just a short reaction on the holiday we enjoyed in Italy. The house “Casa Bianca” was fine and located in a breathtaking location in the middle of the olive groves. Waking up for the first time in the middle of this beautiful area was fantastic. In addition to walking and running, mountain biking would be an option, as well as horse riding. A fantastically beautiful area, surrounded by nature. The village of Bolsena and all associated facilities are a half hour walk or ten minutes away by car, but that was the deciding factor for us to rent a car. With a beautiful clean lake for swimming and a very nice town like Bolsena, there was a lot in our immediate vicinity which made the holiday complete. The festivities around the end of August as well as the market and tasting event provided even more variety. The beaches were lovely and the offered program with regard to the walks we actually did not use. Except for the cooking workshop! In combination with nice company, this was a highlight of the holiday where chef Janos builds up the “Italian kitchen” from the basic ingredients to a delicious dish, simple and easy to make (or copy) yourself in the Netherlands. All in all, a very successful, sunny and delicious holiday thanks to the good care of Marièt Bloemendal of Volg de Rode Schoentjes. Martin and Annelies

Spent a wonderful (spacious) week in Bolsena. My sister and I (24 and 26) booked a spot at the campsite from Rome last minute, we didn’t have our own transport and of course forgot our toilet roll. Didn’t matter, super nice contact, very helpful and then had a great week. Sailing together, borrowing bicycles, taken in tow to a theater festival in a village further down the road, long balmy evenings with good food, wine and a view of Lake Bolsena. I long for it every year again. Whatever you book with the Rode Schoentjes: I heartily recommend it, I cannot disappoint with such a loving owner.
Isil Vos

Have been on holiday in Bolsena for several times now, very successful !! Nice authentic Italian village in a less touristy area (compared to Tuscany, for example). Through Mariët, we rented a beautiful house once and once rented a tent last minute after we had forgotten the tent poles. 🙂 Also very nice activities organized by Mariët including a cool cooking workshop, delicious and cozy wine tasting, mountain biking and hiking under her inspiring guidance. In short: highly recommended!
Femke Hut

Been to this fantastic place in Italy several times, both camping and in a house. Bolsena is a very picturesque and cozy town and the lake is great for swimming. The surroundings are very beautiful and thanks to Mariët you can discover the special places and walks. Also a good vacation spot to go with your dog!
Rene Huner Hertel

A pleasant and unforgettable painting holiday in Bolsena is my experience with many beautiful places and walking in nature. Wines from various regions tasted with all kinds of goodies made by our hostess Mariet, she has provided delicious breakfasts that lacked nothing. Italy so beautiful and such a wonderful place to stay, highly recommended.
Adriana Leuven

Super nice experience with beautiful wines and tasty snacks from Italy. Friendly without fuss, but good.
Jan Schalkx

Really recommended. Had a great holiday at Lake Bolsena. Mariët knows the area well and knows how to find the most beautiful places. Beautiful walks.
A friend got married in Bolsena and the wedding was also organized by Mariët. A truly unique experience!
Hanneke Wielens

Had a wonderful holiday several times! just follow the red shoes (although I prefer a pair of walking shoes myself;)) with the beautiful walks in the Etruscan area, reminisce in comfortably furnished tent on Lake Bolsena. Enthusiastic and skilled guidance. In short, recommended !!!
Manon Versteeg

Wonderful walks through the beautiful nature. And also a lot of culture and delicious food. We will definitely do Mariët Bloemendal again!
Dianna Rijerkerk

Had a great cooking holiday at Lake Bolsena, learned so much! And also enjoyed the beautiful surroundings under the enthusiastic guidance of Mariët.
The camping is really Italian and very nice to stay at. Recommended to book here. Especially now that the culinary holiday is included in the offer again!
Margret Lenferink

Fantastic experience and experience! Really special! Very professional! Beautiful moments !!!
Bruno Edsme

Fun activities, beautiful surroundings and great people! A place that I want to visit more often
Hatice Peksen

The Rode Schoentjes made my painting holiday in Italy great an experience that I will never forget and would like to return to Bolsena again!
Ria Daems

The small scale and personal attention of the owner of ‘Volg de Rode Schoentjes’ made my cooking holiday extra special. I’ve enjoyed it. Recommended!
Monique Kleinjan

Original contemporary travel with the most enthusiastic hostess!
Fanny Veldmeyer

I would like to thank Mariët and the cozy painters group for the fantastic week. As a teacher, I dare to say that beautiful paintings or initiatives have been made of the beautiful surroundings of Bolsena. The old town, the lake or the beautiful view of Seorano, these are all sources of inspiration where your eyes fail. Everyone has reflected the atmosphere of this in his own way.
In the beautiful villa with a view of the lake, a delicious breakfast was served every morning, along the way a nice lunch and in the evening a dinner that was often accompanied by guitar music by Hans, the husband of one of the students. A glass of wine and the occasional dance made those evenings unforgettable.
The many extras in the form of walks to the hermit’s cave and the hollow road of the Etruscans were also a special experience. All this makes it a week to remember for me.
I hope to meet an equally nice group again next year, then we will make it an equally nice week as this year. Mieke Diekmann

In our search for an interpretation for our summer holiday in Bolsena, our screen showed “” Follow the red shoes ”” What an original name! It immediately aroused curiosity. Because we had already booked a campsite, we were mainly interested in the (individual) activities of the summer studio. After pleasant online contact with Mariet, it was difficult to choose which activities we would participate in. So many fun and inspiring trips! In the end we opted for aqua trekking, wine walking and a wine tasting. We have enjoyed ourselves thoroughly! We visited places we would otherwise never go on our own. Mariet knows a lot about the area, history and culture. But also pleasant conversations arise so that we get to know each other a little. The personal attention is what makes Volg de Rode Schoentjes special. You are not a number, not just another vacationer who wants entertainment. You are a person with a story who is curious about a place that is full of Mariet’s heart (and ours). You are someone who wants a relaxing and carefree holiday, and if anyone can take care of that, it’s Mariet! Wonderful afternoons and evenings! And even in the Netherlands this has had a sequel (wine tasting Amsterdam)
Core: Are you looking for a pleasant carefree holiday, arranged down to the last detail, in which a lot of consultation is possible, then you’ve come to the right place. Simone and Alex

Molto grazie. I enjoyed myself and I met myself. Inspiring week in an inspiring environment. I don’t have words for it. Danielle

Had a great walk with my daughter. Thank you Mariet.

Chasing the Etruscans! a great walking week. Recommended !!!!
We will be back for sure.
Fam de Vries

Thanks on behalf of all four for the wonderful week. Your hospitality and flexibility. The entertainment, the fun. The beautiful walks. The beautiful weather. The many orchids on the way. The sweet sheep. The sunken roads. The fantastic views. The exciting (sometimes slippery) paths. The beautiful stones next to the river. The big sandwiches, the tomatoes. The generous laugh. The olive cheese. The ability to put things into perspective. The organizational talent and the music !!!! Nicole, Jan, Jeannette and Josta.

Etruscan hike
Labyrinth walk on the beach,
A book about the Etruscans
Gardens with special images
A quest for the Goddess
Hollow roads around Pitigliano
They caught my imagination
And challenged me to take a trip
To Lake Bolsena
After seeing some pictures of a friend I was sold
That same evening I searched the internet
And immediately got the link to Bolsena
And see there: exactly those hollow roads that I wanted to walk
Sense, see, experience
Besides walking I also wanted to go to the Sculpture Garden in Bomarzo
So I asked to come a few days earlier.
Mariët was very willing to find out and arrange things for me
And finally the day came that I boarded the plane with my suitcase
Confidently on your way to an unforgettable holiday in Italy.
It was amazing!
With melancholy, but especially with warm feelings
I think back to the (more than a) week at Lake Bolsena:
Great Casa, close to beach, old town and shops
A warm welcome and being together with lovely people
Rich breakfast, good food, delicious wine
Monstrous images in Bomarzo
Hollow roads, rocks and caves
Water and waterfalls
Chapels, churches
Sacred places
Beautiful nature
Bolsena, Mariët, you have stolen my heart. I will come back for sure! Annelies, walk Etruscans,

We had a wonderful week in and around Bolsena. It is a beautiful area with lush nature and ancient (Etruscan) towns. Every day was filled with fun things: starting with an extensive breakfast in the Mariët garden and then out into the great outdoors. We walked along wooded slopes, past fields full of flowers, saw mysterious places, including a clearing in the middle of rocks and overhanging greenery where a waterfall flowed down and spaces were carved out all over the rocks. These spaces date back to Etruscan times and were later used by Christians who held their worship services there. There was a lot to see everywhere and there was something for everyone. Those who were interested in the Etruscans and everything related to it could indulge themselves there, but also for people who were interested in plants and animals. Nature is overwhelming.

The nice thing is that there are many processions in Bolsena in the summer and that is something you do not normally encounter in the Netherlands. In the week we were there we saw two! Furthermore, “eating out” is very cheap, not comparable to what you are used to in the Netherlands. To summarize: Mariët is an excellent hostess, nice walk, seen beautiful and interesting things and good food. What else does a person want? Wierd Wagenmakers and Nelleke Mosk.

Hi Mariet,
I have now been back in the Netherlands for a week and fortunately the nice weather has followed me. Repeatedly I think back to Italy and also to Bolsena, I spent some wonderful days with you, I really enjoyed the camping, the hiking and the dramatic football match against Germany !!! But especially the landscape, the relative tranquility and the villages and towns on the hills.
After Bolsena I have three campsites in the Marche, Ravena and Trento, especially the Marche was also perfect, beautiful area !!! Beautiful cities, such as Urbina and beautiful nature, I did have to cycle regularly against the bump and it was also getting warmer, just 35 degrees. But I really enjoyed all that nature, culture and the weather.
In the meantime I am already ready for my next vacation, in two days we are going to Vietnam, it seems wonderful too !! But before we leave, just send an email to you because the memories are regular there. I think we will definitely come back there. You have a lot of energy and success for the coming period, because it will be busy now! and thanks again for your hospitality and enthusiasm !!! good time, I’ll be hearing from me again after the summer
warm regards Henri Anneke and Janny.

My girlfriend and I got to hike with Mariet for a week. We stayed in a spacious town house in the center of Bolsena. We had a wonderful week. Mariët turned out to be extremely caring. Mariët is an excellent guide and adjusted the program where necessary so that every day was a party. Everything felt very relaxed. Each day started with a lavish breakfast, then we drove to the starting point of that day’s walk. Along the way there was time to – literally and figuratively – reflect on what we encountered. Beautiful landscape with the knowledge that the Etruscans were already active here. Beautifully situated villages, beautiful olive groves and beautiful views. Afterwards, time for a cappuccino on the village square and exploring Bolsena. Mariët thank you for this wonderful week.

Be surprised and pampered by Volg de Rode Schoentjes. Vacation Italy. We had a few fantastic weeks in ‘our little house’ at Lake Bolsena. ‘If you can’t have a holiday here, you can’t do it anywhere’ was my 1st thought when Mariet took us to the agreed place. A renovated farmhouse on top of a hill with a panoramic view of the lake. From the large swimming pool you look out over the oleanders, the vineyards and the lake below. Fall asleep with the song of nightingales and the buzzing sound of nightjars, here you come to rest. We fully enjoyed the Italian life, hiking, wine, terrace, medieval villages, Etruscan caves, there was so much to see in the area that we did not even get to Rome and Florence, so we will definitely come back. The walks with Mariet were beautiful, she showed us very special places, afterwards we had a drink: Est! Est !! Est !!! , yes we want to be here! Mariet and partner live the Italian life and let us enjoy it, thanks! Patrick and Inge

Dear Mariet. Wonderful walks on invisible / untraceable paths that enhance the romance and feeling of antiquity. Mariët is a caring intuitive guide who senses what is needed or desired. Lots of rain but not on our heads. As soon as we get out of the car the sun breaks through. Nice house in the heart of the village, just for me. I have felt very well cared for. I would like to come back next year and do my best to get sculptors along. Greetings Netty Verhoeven

We, Mariët, enjoyed our holiday in Bolsena! Fantastic that you were so flexible that we could walk a number of walks together with Brigit and Leen. What a surprising area of Italy and what great walks you have set out. In the absence of good maps, it is difficult to find the right paths between the different places (Sorano, Sovana, Pitigliano. And then after a tough walk, the car is ready to transport you back to Bolsena! came on our way from Bolsena to Orvieto. It was a great day too. And then of course your beautiful whisper boat, sunset on the lake, the dogs, the poppies, your hospitality… .. In short, we got a dot of Italy vitamins. Grazie , all the best to you, the dogs and Activa Bolsena !!! Els and Paul

Goodbye Mariët, or should I say our personal spoilers. To put it in Flemish, “we fell in love with you”. I want to thank you very much for a very nice holiday. Here is a short report of our holiday. Due to a misunderstanding on an overarching site, I booked a walking week a month after the actual walking week. Because my vacation at work and my flight was already booked, Mariët was kind enough to receive me anyway. When I told this to my neighbor, she came a day later to ask if she could go for a walk. Joepie !! So I will not be alone, I had booked a group holiday and was a bit reluctant to go hiking alone. So Leen and I went on a trip together for the first time. We were very warmly welcomed with a terrace by Lake Bolsena. After some wrangling we ended up in the “pensione italia”, in the old town of Bolsena. The location was beautiful but the sanitary facilities were not great. We stayed close to Mariët’s house where we had breakfast every morning.

After a day of rest during which we wandered through the old streets, the real walking started. In the morning, the bus took us to the starting point of the St Quirico walk. From here we went to Sorano, we were accompanied by Barbara. We soon discovered that a very old culture can be found here in the archaeological park where we entered several caves. In the afternoon we had to cross a field (?), Which eventually turned out to be quite an adventure because the nettles and thistles were so high that Mariët crossed the field like a “real jungle woman” and cleared a path for us so that we could go without too many thorns pricking us. made it across the street. Our adventure was not over yet, we also had to cross the Lente, a local river. Normally you can step over the stones, but due to the wet spring we had to go barefoot through the cold water to the other side. But everyone passed with flying colors. After some acrobatics on one leg, we could continue on our way. We were soon rewarded with a magnificent view of the old Sorano. Really beautiful, through an old hollow road we approach the medieval town and we climb up through the streets. We are very pleased with our first day of walking and end on a terrace with a good refreshment. It was quite strenuous but at the same time very relaxing, we will feel our muscles tomorrow I think.

Day 2 we go from Sorano to Sovana. The bus takes us to Sorano in the morning and we start our second day where we ended, back through the narrow streets we descend to Lente. Once we cross the river we go up a spectacular hollow road, meters high rocks on both sides. Once at the top we have a great view of Sorano on the other side. We are only walking for the second day but it feels as if we have been in this area for longer. Maybe that old culture has something in between. In the afternoon we pass a shepherd with no less than 400 sheep, it is a Sicilian breed with long hair that is bred for the milk to make cheese. We have a picnic in the open air again and enjoy the blissful climate. This is a real holiday, in the afternoon we pass the workshop of the ceramicist, I forgot the name, where you can also take courses. It immediately appeals to me to be able to give free rein to my creative inspirations. In the afternoon it gets really warm, luckily we pass a sign from a winery, and our legs are definitely stepping in the direction of a glass of wine! We are very welcome and the wine is “REAL !!!!” yummy. Both the white and the red are popular. This is double vacation. We still have a short walk to Sovana. To my great regret, my left knee plays up and I have to take a break. Fortunately the van comes to pick me up and we go for a drink in Sovana. Another beautiful walking day passed. In the evening we go again to Osteria, the best restaurant on our street. You can really eat well here, we feel like half Italians.

Day 3 we keep a quieter day because my knee has played up anyway. Dear Mariët made miracle droplets for me with Arnica. Now it can’t go wrong. We go to Bagnoregio “the dead town”, this is a medieval village that was stuck completely alone on a mountain due to an earthquake, around a deep precipice and there is only one very long bridge that gives access to the town. Spectacular to see, we wander through the streets and have lunch at the old olive oil mill. In the afternoon we take a walk along the lake in Bolsena. Mariët has appointed us a nice restaurant “Tanaquilla” that we will try out this evening. Thanks for the tip because it’s a must.

Day 4 we start back in Sovana and head for Pitigliano, so we slowly but surely round the loop and have walked a whole piece of Etruscan history. After a mysterious piece of forest we end up on a high plateau with a mass of wild flowers, this is nature at its most beautiful. Picnic under a tree in the shade and relax. We descend along a hollow road and tired but satisfied we arrive after a last climb in Pitigliano after a walk of 5 hours, this is so far the largest town where we end up. We agree to have lunch at the winery tomorrow afternoon if possible.

Day 5 we take a shorter walk, we walk from above and get a beautiful view of Lake Bolsena from all sides. On the way we pick fresh cherries, cheer for a team of cycling tourists who have to go uphill, fortunately we go the other way. Because the winegrower had as guests, Mariët made a reservation for us at a fish restaurant on the shore of the lake. We first go for a paddle and then end up between the Italian families on the terrace with a view of the lake and again a delicious lunch with fresh fish (grilled coregone). What a conclusion after a wonderful walking week. Our last day Mariët takes us back to Orvieto where we take the train to Rome. We first visit the old town before we start our last leg, back home. I can recommend assets Bolsena to everyone. We both really enjoyed it !! Mariët thank you very much, Brigit

Hello Mariët, It was a wonderful holiday with beautiful excursions, walks and just relaxing at the lake. We had a great time. The most memorable thing of the recent days is the beautiful lilac light in the morning and in the evening. In addition to the beautiful surroundings and impressive towns, we found it very pleasant to do something ‘organized’ on a small scale. The walks were very rewarding. On the way home we decided that we definitely want to go back to this region and that the organization of yours was fine and pleased. Thanks! Greetings from Gerrit and Tineke Onnink

Beautiful surroundings and interesting excursions. Hans

In June 2009 we spent 2 weeks with our tent on a beach of the lake. Beautiful surroundings, lots of natural beauty, including a regularly flying egret.You can swim in the lake.Have visited some towns together, such as Bolsena and Orvieto.In addition, very nice and interesting walking excursions with Mariët (Activa Bolsena). back again in this wonderful place. Joop and Hanneke Our first experience with Italy was (last year) Bolsena. With our children we had a wonderful holiday at the lake, ideally located from Bolsena (20 minutes walk along the lake). The highlight were the hiking excursions of Gert and Mariët (Activa Bolsena). Not just walking, no climbing / scrambling on paths you could never find yourself. Real Adventure! We are going again next year. Erik, Rineke, Jelke and Jurre

In the biped. Had a wonderful walking week. Through surprisingly beautiful Northern Lazio (Italy). The organization knows the area well and, in addition to the beautiful nature, has shown us impressive cultural remains of the Etruscans, among others. Through quiet areas, hollow roads, to hermit caves. In short, impressive and beautiful. Lake Bolsena wonderfully clean and nice to rest, in short, hospitality everywhere. Just do it! Gonda: in the tweevoeter.nl

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