Quattro fratelli Bolsena


“Quattro fratelli” Bolsena.

North of the town of Bolsena in the Lazio/Alta Tuscia region is our paradise Quattro Fratelli. We call it Quarto fratelli, because at the moment it officially still belongs to 4 old brothers from Bolsena. The property is located in the campagnia (countryside) but also near the town of Bolsena just a 4-minute walk away.
The site is 140m long and 30m wide and has the atmosphere of a typical Alta Tuscia site in the campagnia. It has a wide variety of fruit trees, small vineyard and 50 olive trees and the possibility of reviving the orte (vegetable garden).

There are a few dilapidated runs and barns on it which will be torn down. However 1 barn remains and from this one we are going to create a place for ourselves to live partially.
The property in its present state is divided into 4 equal portions, by nonna and nonno who left the property to their 4 sons (quattro fratelli) when they inherited it. The four sons have become too old to maintain it all and would like to sell it to us. We are going to make this our paradiso which, of course, we are going to let you as our guests enjoy.

Quatro Fratelli Bolsena



How it began

Follow the red shoes has been successfully operating since 2007 in offering experiential vacations in Italy. Starting in 2007 as Activa Bolsena VOF, I Mariët Bloemendal continued as a one-man company, Follow the Red Shoes.

Last year 2020, I won the Benelux Award for Best Specialist Italian Holiday Agent. In addition, I am Italy correspondent Italy BNN/VARA NPO Radio1. The media has also found me regularly and I have had interviews and articles in various magazines such as Libelle, the Linda, Woman, Wendy online, Pettalk, ZIN, my secret and the Parool and the Stentor.

Like no other, I know the beautiful area around Lake Bolsena (lago di Bolsena) like the back of my hand.
With a diversity of Etruscan and Roman Culture. Often exuberantly visible and sometimes hidden in the beautiful ancient tuff cultural landscape.
So I love to take my guests to all the fun, special and traditional parties, occasions and secret power places.

Bruno Edsme is a visual artist and he has a mobile studio in Amsterdam. This studio is an old fire truck that he uses to visit children in neighborhoods and schools. His fire truck is full of equipment to work with children to advance art, music, engineering, cooking and more. In addition, Bruno is active in Italy as an artist and teaches painting, among other things.

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Why Quattro Fratelli?

The structure of Bolsena’s environment is changing. Young people are leaving and the elderly are becoming too old to support their country or are dying. As a result, much land is currently neglected and taken over by large parties such as Ferrero (hazelnut plantations). We are committed to preserving the old traditional structures that make the landscape so unique. Will you help us?

Help out and enjoy our adventure?

We are looking for 20 people for a one-time investment of 1500,- .
From 2023 to 2025, you’ll get your investment back in the form of a super fun vacation in authentic Italy. This can be an active, creative, culinary or cultural vacation Or a vacation in a fully equipped caravan or bell (a) tent in a small-scale campsite on the shores of Lake Bolsena. With a profit, you will have a full return on the investment within 1 to 2 years. In fact, you go on vacation with us cheaper (300,- to 400,- on average) and exchange your investment for the package with the best price. You will help us get started and make a great success of Quttro Fratelli. Wonderful anyway!

Adopt an olive tree with artwork by Bruno Edsme.

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For 150,- a year you adopt an olive tree. The tree will be in your name and as a thank you you will receive 5 liters of Virgin olive oil each year in an olive tin with personal artwork by Bruno Edsme. #EDSMEART
You can also give an adoption gift in the form of a gift card. The olive tree will be named after you (adopter).
Of course, you are welcome to visit your own tree and help harvest the olives in Oct/Nov. We still pick by hand. The olives are unsprayed 100% organic and cold pressed. With your support, we can properly and respectfully maintain the olive grove and make our amazing olive oil.

We will of course keep you informed

We keep all investors informed of our adventures through a personal newsletter. In addition, you can follow Quattro Fratelli on Instagram and facebook. At the end of the year, a small can of olive oil with artwork by Bruno Edsme.


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“La raccolta delle olive.”

Olijvenplukken Italie 14

Wow it feels so special to pick your own olives, how I enjoyed the atmosphere in the country. Working together and having lunch in the olive grove. The exuberant radiant sun in autumn and finally the pressed olive oil from the olives picked by themselves. The head empty and the heart full. The exuberant radiant sun in autumn. Will you allow yourself a “la raccolta delle olive” week at Quattro Fratelli? Get away from it all and enjoy the pleasant temperature and autumn sun in Lazio. Delight in participating in an ancient tradition outside in the Italian countryside. Olive picking is truly a special experience.

Besides rolling up your sleeves and working hard, there is also plenty of time for socializing together with other fascinating people, sharing stories, relaxing, going out together, cooking and eating well. Pssttttt maybe we can still swim in the beautiful Lake Bolsena.

Adopteer een olijfboom

Naam op certificaat en olijfboom
Price: € 150,00
Blijf op de hoogte

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