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Sunken ceilings and embroidered sheets in Bolsena.

Sunken ceilings, carpets, antique furniture, antique paintings. Embroidered sheets on your bed and breakfast served in china cups. Two libraries with more than 10,000 old and modern books in different languages.
I am talking about a sixteenth century palazzo “Il Vesconte” of the Cozza Caposavi family, in the center of Bolsena in Northern Lazio.

Time seems to stand still in Bolsena

Unlike the well-known and of course beautiful cities and hotspots in Tuscany and Umbria, Bolsena is not visited by mass tourism. Amazing, because that makes Bolsena feel really Italian as if time has stood still. Bolsena was inhabited (2500 years ago) by the Etruscans and then by the Romans. In the 13th century to the 17 th century, Bolsena was a thriving trade center.

The personal residence of Cardinal Tiberio Crispo

Cardinal Tiberio Crispo commissioned Antonio da Sangallo the Younger in 1561 to create a design for what would become his personal residence. After Antonio’s death in 1546, the architects Simone Mosca and Raffaello da Montelupo took over the task of completing the palazzo on piazza San Rocco.

Antonio da Sangallo the Younger

We take a short trip to Antonio da Sangallo the Younger. He clearly left his footprints around Lake Bolsena. In Gradoli is the church of Santa Maria Maddalena designed by him and in Capodimonte the Palazzo Farnese . The pearl of Northern Lazio the Palazzo Farnese in Caprarola also from the Farnese family. In nearby Orvieto, Pope Clement VII ordered the construction of a well Pozzo di San Patrizio in 1526. To supply the city with water in case of siege by an enemy army.

The day after Cardinal Tiberio Crispo

After the Cardinal left Bolsena, the palace was given two new owners, the Cozza and Caposavi families. The palazzo was renovated by the architect De Dominicis around the mid-eighteenth century.

Lorenzo and Francesco Cozza Caposavi

Here, the ancient splendor is revived thanks to the initiative of Lorenzo and Francesco Cozza Caposavi, father and son, owners of the building that bears their name.
During your visit, feel the stories of famous artists (including Stendhal, Alberto Burri) who were inspired by the atmosphere of the Palazzo and Bolsena. As well as various royal families from various European countries. Here, director Paul Haggis wrote his 3 Oscar-awarded (Best Picture, Best Screenplay and Best Editing) film Cash about racism and social tensions in Los Angeles.

Stay overnight at Palazzo Il Vesconte.

Today there are 15 luxury B&B rooms in the Palazzo Vesconte. Here you can spend the night in a 16th-century building with all the modern conveniences of today such as heating, air conditioning and Wi-Fi. Your holiday becomes an experience and an adventure in a beautiful building with a living history. Historical family photos hang on the walls. Frescoes and maps from the archive. Walk on the original terracotta floor with centuries of history.

Guided tours of the Palazzo

Guided tours are regularly organized in the Palazzo. A dynamic 360-degree tour through history. Take the chance to look around and feel the atmosphere. From ceramics to fabrics, signed documents, old books, manuscripts, paintings and the rooms with frescoes.

Wine tasting in the Palazzo with Volg de Rode Schoentjes.

Super nice, we will visit the Palazzo during our wine walking week for a special wine tasting in collaboration with Gianni and Laura of Enoteca Sapori Etruschi. Information about this fantastic week you can read here.


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