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Montefiascone is 640m high and located on the south side of the Lago di Bolsena. From this more or less privileged location you have a great view over a unique landscape. From the Maremma in southern Tuscany to the Tyrrhenian Sea, from the Cimini mountains in Umbria to the Tolfa mountains towards Rome.

Whether you arrive from the south via the provincial capital Viterbo or from the west for a day at the sea or the beautiful town of Tuscania. If you come from the north of the town of Bolsena or from Umbria with the beautiful town of Orvieto, Monte Fiascone is a good landmark. Est-Est-Est here is the lago and here is the famous Est-Est-Est wine.

The eye-catcher from afar is the dome from the 17 th century of the Duomo di Santa Margherita by Carlo Fontana. This dome is the third largest dome in Italy. The St. Peter in Rom has the largest dome followed by the St. Maria del Fiore in Florence. The Santa Margeritha is named after Saint Margaret of Antioch, she is the patroness of the city and her name day is celebrated every year on July 20.

The centro storico.

The via Francigena runs through the centro storico and from here it is a 100 km walk to Rome. Every year I walk with a small group from Orvieto to Rome.

La Rocca dei Papi.

Pope Urban IV had a summer residence built in Montefiascone La Rocca dei Papi. He liked to be in Montefiascone to enjoy the summer. History does not say whether the Pope may have bathed in the cleanest lake in Europe, the Lago di Bolsena. The later Pope Paul III of the Farnese family was not much loved by the inhabitants of Montefiascone. They refused Farnese and the papal state that he brought with his office.

Down at the Rocca dei Papi is a large panoramic terrace with the ‘Image of the Pilgrim’. From the benches on the terrace you have a beautiful view over Lake Bolsena. This terrace is also the meeting place for the inhabitants of Montefiascone. Would you also like to walk with me in a small group from Orvieto to Rome. In the attached link you will find all the information about this special walking holiday. La passeggiate dell amore 650,000 footsteps in 14 days on the old pilgrimage route (via Francigena).

La Fiera del Vino

La Fiera del Vino the wine festival of Montefiascone is every August (the first two weeks). The festival of wine “” La Fiera del Vino ”. The story of Johannes DeFuk is central, which is reenacted by the inhabitants of Montefiascone. You can enjoy the performances of musicians. You can taste the wines from various wineries in the area with tasty antipasti. I also enjoy watching. How Italian families from young to old celebrate the party together. Nicely dressed and the women often walk on high heels. Nice piece of work that I can look at enviously, because that is something I would like to do but cannot be done with all those medieval streets and alleys.

Est Est Est.

As a wine lover I can indulge myself in Italy and the Est-Est-Est wine can be bought from cheap to somewhat expensive. The most delicious I find the Est-Est-Est from the wineries Villa Pura and Mazziotti in Bolsena or from the winery Falesco with a sales point just outside Montefiascone. The story of the legend of the EST-EST-EST can be found here.

Wine hiking

Are you a foodie and bon vivant? Do you enjoy walking and do you appreciate a good glass of wine? Do you love Italian cuisine? Then I will gladly take you with me wine walking tour and together we will taste the Est-Est-Est! Experience the story of Johannes Defuk.

The San Flaviano

Outside the centro storico stands the San Flaviano, the Romanesque-Gothic basilica whose facade is decorated with a Renaissance loggia. In addition to the grave of Johannse Defuk, the glittering frescoes depicting scenes from the life of St. Nicholas of Bari are well worth a visit.

Montefiascone lungolago

With volg de rode schoentjes lungolago from Bolsena to Montefiascone.

Are you coming to Montefiascone? I will visit this nice city during the wine walking holiday & the walking holiday from Orvieto to Rome.

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