Friday- Italian wine tasting at various locations

Italian wine tasting, Bolsena

Wine tasting Bolsena

Yippie every Friday a delicious Italian wine tasting with real toppers.
Wines with a story, such as Est! Est !! Est !!! from Umbria, lazio and southern Tuscany.
Epicureans and gourmets welcome to the best and most delicious wine tasting during your holiday in Bolsena.
The red shoes take you to winemakers or a special place where we will taste the most fantastic wines.
The tastings will be given during all school holidays.
Do you enjoy good company?
Data and location are constantly being updated.
Costs 45, –

Ciao I am Mariët Bloemendal the creative mastermind and passionate Italy expert of “Volg de Rode Schoentjes”.

“Volg de Rode Schoentjes” specializes in extraordinaryexperience and discover holidays for singles in central Italy. Far away from mass tourism, I organize and create a base in which you can discover and experience a real Italian holiday together with other solo travelers. Winner of the Benelux Enterprise Award Best Specialist Italian Holiday agent 2020. Correspondent De Wereld from BNNVARA on NPO1.
Curious who you are going on holiday with? I would like to introduce myself.

Mariët Bloemendal

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