In the most beautiful spot in Italy in northern Lazio between Rome, Tuscany and Umbria. In full swing around the clean lake of Bolsena. Centrally located with a wonderful Italian sunny climate. A hundred kilometers above Rome and below Siena.
Rich in the interesting history of the Etruscans and the Romans. Towns on tuff stone plateaus to fall in love with like gems in a beautiful varied Mediterranean landscape.

“My” town Bolsena on Lake Bolsena with small palazzi (squares) with extraordinary monuments, warm red and terracotta colored sparkle in the sun. Under a clear blue sky. Where I enjoy my cappuccino in the morning after getting up. The day starts in the “village theater” which is called Bolsena, in which the main role is played by my neighbors and fellow villagers as impressive extras.

Where in the evening after a hard day’s work I stroll through the colorful streets with waving wax, lush growing bougainvillea, fountains and beautiful old advertising signs with vintage text. Or lungo lago (along the lake) musingly enjoying the setting sun, the lights in the distance of the other towns around the lake and settle down on a village terrace, celebrate the beautiful life, meet and greet while enjoying a glass of local wine .
Where the world is the world.

Here I organize active, artistic, culinary and cultural holidays in collaboration with good and knowledgeable artists, chefs and professional teachers.
I rent a special holiday homes between the locals or just luxury villas with a swimming pool.

Together with Bruno Edsme from CiaoBruno I organize the SummerStudio. During the summer holidays there is plenty to do here and everyone who is on holiday at Lake Bolsena has the opportunity to participate in the varied offer.

Like the Italians, I love the color red.
The color red of “Follow the Red Shoes” stands for warmth, passion and action. The color of (Italian) life, vitality, energy, strength and love. Follow the red shoes is the symbol of my love for Italy. The shoes represent movement and how I see life.
Curious, enterprising, innovative, full of humor and go for life.

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